30+ Cute & Easy Valentine’s Day Activities and Crafts

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If you are planning Valentine’s Day activities and crafts for preschoolers, elementary-aged children, teens, or adults, we have a BIG list of creative ideas below. You’ll find something for all age groups. This list includes recipes, handmade gifts, paper crafts, and printables.

From Shakespeare to Legos™, we know you’ll find a varied and fun list of Valentine’s Day activities.

For your convenience, we have included a quick reference guide of supplies you’ll want to have on hand. Most of the items you most likely already have, so you can jump right into one of the activities or crafts.

Have fun!

Supplies for the Valentine’s Activities and Crafts

Wondering what supplies you’ll need for the Valentine’s Day activities and crafts listed below? We’ve made a quick list of a few of the items you’ll need to gather. Check the actual craft listing for the complete list of supplies.

Adorable Pom Pom Love Bugs – This Valentine’s Day craft is cute,  easy, and perfect for the family’s youngest members, although older kids may enjoy participating, too!.  After making these Adorable Pom Pom Love Bugs, your children can give them out to friends instead of (or in addition to) traditional Valentine’s Day cards.

“Love Calendar” Valentine’s Day Craft – We should practice being Valentines all year! In this Valentine’s Day activity, we use paper hearts to help students remember that love.

Plush Heart in a Cute Matchbox – Looking for a creative way to make memories with your child this Valentine’s Day?  This simple and adorable sewing craft is the size of a matchbox and shows that big things (like gestures of affection) can come in tiny packages!

Torn and Sewn Paper Heart Valentines – It’s easy to make these beautiful Torn & Sewn Paper Heart Valentines. This craft requires very few materials, so it’s quite cost-effective. They’re simple enough that children of different ages can make them!

14 Days of Valentine’s for Couples – This one is for couples. It’s a small thing to give your husband a valentine (or two or three…), but it could be the beginning of a new emphasis on making your relationship with your husband a priority. 

Koala Card Papercraft – A bonus with this activity are the fascinating koala facts we’ve listed. Why not help your child learn a little about these adorable creatures!

Printable Calendar of 30 Days of Valentine’s Books!  Enjoy our complete list of Valentine’s books and a free, downloadable calendar containing all these books you can print and use to guide your reading! These are all picture books that are especially well suited to read aloud with toddlers through mid-elementary-aged students. We hope you enjoy them!

Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls – Are you looking for something special, sweet, and not too difficult or time-consuming to make in the kitchen this Valentine’s Day? These cinnamon rolls are the perfect solution.

Valentine’s Day Slime – This borax-free slime recipe only requires a few inexpensive ingredients you likely already have in your home. Because it’s borax-free, it’s not harsh on the skin either, so it’s safer to play with. 

Llama Love Papercraft – This cute craft comes with fun facts about llamas and a free printable template. We’ve included a book list so you can enjoy a fun science study about llamas!

Valentine’s Day Red Velvet Cake Pops – Cake pops are both easy and fun to make. Kids of all ages will love squishing the cake between their fingers when they are mixing the crumbled cake with a frosting mixture.

Printable Calendar of 30 Days of Valentine’s Books!  Enjoy our complete list of Valentine’s books and a free, downloadable calendar containing all these books you can print and use to guide your reading! These are all picture books that are especially well suited to read aloud with toddlers through mid-elementary-aged students. We hope you enjoy them!

Canvas Art for Tweens – It’s fun to find unique ways to make our kids feel special, but doing so once a year isn’t enough. We need to show our children how much we care throughout the year. Try these tips for connecting with your kids any day of the year.

Memory Jars –  This Valentine’s Day activity is a gift that gives all year long. Plus, you can also use this idea for birthdays or as a family New Year’s activity. Decorate a jar and then fill the jar with special memories to be opened every week of the year until the next Valentine’s Day? 

Quick and Easy Kid-Made Valentine’s Day Banner – Banners are a creative and easy way to add a festive touch to your family room, kitchen, office, or classroom. If you have leftover craft materials from other projects or hit the dollar store or the dollar section at Target, your kids can get super-creative.

Valentine’s Lego™ Challenge – Of course we have to include a Valentine’s Day activity that involves Legos! If you have a Lego fanatic in your life, this Valentine’s Lego Challenge is a must!

Maze Valentine’s Day Cards – Looking for some cool Valentine’s Day cards that your kids can share with friends this year? We have these fun maze Valentines!

Instant Pot Valentine’s Day Bundt Cake – Are you or your children fixing a special dinner for Valentine’s Day? Finish off the meal with these decadent Valentine’s Day bundt cakes. This is a kid-friendly recipe, so they will be sharpening those life skills too!

Valentine’s Day Frame Craft – A great Valentine’s Day craft for adults and children alike, and makes a nice decorative item or a sweet, small gift to share with friends of all ages. Frame a photo or have your child paint a picture to attach to the backside of their frame.

Woodland Animal 3-D Valentine’s Day cards – These adorable prints can be personalized and embellished a thousand different ways! This Valentine’s Day craft is ideal for preschoolers; have them draw a background and glue the 3D woodland animals to it. Or put their handprints to one side of a large piece of paper and this 3D woodland animal on the other side. There are so many ways to use this printable.

Three Ingredient Strawberry Valentine Fudge – This charmingly pink strawberry fudge makes the perfect sweet treat for friends, family (or, of course, your sweetie) this Valentine’s Day! Even better? It’s ridiculously easy to make! We know the strawberry lovers in your life will be thrilled with this one!

Shakespeare Valentine’s Day Cards – If you have a sweetheart or an older child or teen that you’d like to do something special for this Valentine’s Day, print these Shakespeare Valentine’s Day cards to a special person in their life.

Adorable Valentine’s Day Owl Craft – Owls are much-loved creatures, and today’s tutorial is going to show you how to craft your own heart-winged owl in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

“I Whale Always Love You” Valentine’s Day Activities! What’s Valentine’s Day without some adorably cheesy pun-usage? This super cute “I Whale Always Love You!” Valentine’s Day activity pack is full of fun, engaging activities to use with your kiddos during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine Numbers 1 to 20 – Do you have young children learning to recognize or write numbers 1-20 (or numbers 1-10)? These Valentine’s Day-themed worksheets are a perfect way to give them some holiday-themed number practice!

Cupid’s Arrows Cupcakes – These adorable cupcakes are ideal for a Valentine’s Day party or special gathering. Use your favorite cupcake recipe for the basic cakes and follow our instructions to transform them into a Cupid-themed delights!

Heart-Themed Printables – These cute heart-themed printables for the kids in the hopes that they’ll fall in love (See what I did there?) with the holiday like I have. This year, I added a rhyming pack to the mix. It’s perfect for kids who are learning to read and who are working on rhyming words.

Valentine’s Day Multiplication – Add some love to multiplication practice with these Valentine’s Day-themed multiplication worksheets.

Inkblot Valentines – Tweens and teens love this Valentine’s Day activity. This project is one where you or your child can be extremely creative. This project is probably best for seven and up, but if you think a younger child can join in with your help, include them. Don’t try to control the inkblots. Just let them happen. That’s the fun of inkblots.

Show love for math this Valentine’s Day! You can have the kids use these as a timed math lesson, have them do just a few problems at a time, or use them to test math facts.

Valentine's multiplication worksheets

February-Themed Activity Guide

Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, National Heart Month, and more are just a few of the themes in this 150+ page activity guide. There is a monthly writing prompt calendar, recipes for kids-in-the-kitchen time, crafts for all ages (even teens.) From Abraham Lincoln to llamas, this resource makes it so easy to add hands-on fun to your homeschool plans! You will receive this resource for free when you join thousands of other families and subscribe to our email community.

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