Adorable Valentine’s Day Owl Craft

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Owls are much-loved creatures, and today’s tutorial is going to show you how to craft your own heart-winged owl in celebration of Valentine’s Day! Whether you use your Valentine’s Day Owl as decoration, or make several to give away as special valentines for people you love, we hope you enjoy some sweet moments working on this fun and simple craft with your kiddos!

List of Supplies:

You’ll need just a few things to complete this craft, and you probably already have them at home! You will also want the downloadable template to make this craft super easy (especially when working with younger kids). You can download the template by using the link at the bottom of this article (it’s free through Valentine’s Day).

1. Colored craft papers
2. Pencil
3. Pen
4. Kid-Friendly Scissors
5. Glue

How to Make It:

To get started with this craft, you’ll want to download the craft template (included in the link at the bottom of this article) and then cut out all of the pieces. The template includes 4 hearts, 1 owl base, 1 round shape, 2 eyes, 1 small triangle (the beak) and 1 “eye base” of the owl (2 circles that are joined together).

Next, pick out the colors that you’d like to use for your craft. You will probably want 4-5 colors that sort of fit with the Valentine’s Day theme, such as white, pale purple and different shades of pink or red. Use the templates to trace and cut out the shapes onto the colors that you want. You can’t really do anything wrong here, in terms of what part needs to be what color (after all, there’s no set standard for “Valentine’s Owl”), so just be creative!

For now, set the heart cut-outs aside and gather the different pieces to make the owl.

Attach the larger circle in the middle of the bottom half of the owl’s body, and the “eye base” near the top of the owl’s head. Glue the beak right underneath where the two circles of the “eye base,” connect.

The template includes eyes that you can use, as-is, in this craft, but you may want to add your own details (such as cute eyelashes!) When you’re done with the eyes, glue them onto the eye base.

Now it’s time to add some hearts! Take the 4 hearts that you cut out earlier and fold each of them in half (right down the middle, symmetrically).

Next take 2 of the folded hearts and place them on top of each other, then glue them to one side of the owl’s body to create heart-shaped wings!

Repeat this step on the other side of the owl.

You may want to fan, or fluff forward, the owl’s wings just a little so that it gives them a cool, 3D effect. And now your Valentine’s Day Owl Craft is complete! Don’t forget to grab you template using the link below. We also have several other fun Valentine’s Day cards and crafts that your kids might also enjoy linked below, so check those out as well! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click Here to Grab Your Adorable Valentine’s Day Owl Template!

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