Valentine’s LEGO Challenge

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LEGOs are a classic favorite among kids of all ages (and parents too–well except for when they get left on the floor)! In addition to fostering addictive levels of fun, playtime with LEGOs also nourishes kids’ creative and critical thinking skills.  LEGO challenges are one way to support your child’s love of LEGOs and encourage him or her to try building new and different creations, either as part of a game  with others or in an ongoing personal challenge.  Today we’re bringing you a sweet Valentine’s Day themed LEGO challenge that your child can enjoy over the next few weeks in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

What’s a LEGO Challenge?

LEGO challenge cards are a fun way to give your child the opportunity to fulfill a specific challenge in their own unique way. LEGO Challenges like this one contain cards with various prompts for the LEGO creations to be constructed. Since this LEGO Challenge is Valentine’s Day themed, some of the prompts are things like “red lips” and “flowers.”  With each particular concept in mind, your builder can apply his or her creativity to make an amazing Valentine’s Day creation!

How to Use This Printable:

This collection of Valentine’s Day themed LEGO challenge cards can be used in a variety of ways! After you download the printable (using the link below) you will print and cut out the cards. (If you want to save and re-use them later, we suggest laminating them.) Once your cards are ready to go, your child can enjoy this LEGO Valentine’s Challenge as part of a group game or solo activity.

To Use This Valentine’s LEGO Challenge as a Group:

If your child wants to complete this LEGO challenge in a group, simply stack the cards face down. Then each player will take turns drawing a card and completing that card challenge. There are a lot of creative variations for using this challenge in a group setting! For example, you can make each challenged timed, or keep things open-ended. You could even play this game as a virtual challenge–it’d be a creative and fun way to connect with friends or family on a virtual platform. If you want to switch things up even more, you could even have multiple players attempt the same challenge and see how many different interpretations of the same item the group members can come up with!

To Use this Valentine’s LEGO Challenge as an Individual:

Another cool thing about LEGO challenges is that they make great solo activities for LEGO-loving kids of all ages.  There are plenty of ways that your child can enjoy this Valentine’s LEGO Challenge as an independent activity. For example, it might be fun to have your child do one challenge card per day in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day as a fun, creative brain-break from school work, or as a warm-up activity to start the day. You could have the challenges be timed (or not). Don’t forget to take photos to document the cool creations your child comes up with while working working through these challenges!

To download your printable Valentine’s LEGO challenge, click the link below!

Click Here to Get Your Valentine’s LEGO Challenge! 

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