Maze Valentine’s Day Cards

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Looking for some cool Valentine’s Day Cards that your kids can share with friends this year? We have several on this site (as well as lots of tutorials for making your own Valentine’s Day Cards!) Check out this huge list of ideas if you’re wanting to do a themed-week! Today, we’re sharing these fun, Maze Valentine’s Day cards. These are great for boys or girls, and work for a huge variety of ages! Kids will enjoy receiving a Valentine’s Day card that doubles as an activity, too!

What’s included:

This printable includes 9 valentine’s (per page) which each feature a small maze puzzle and read, “You’re AH-MAZE-ING, Valentine!” Once you download them (using the link below) print them out on your paper of choice and they are ready to gift!

On-theme Presentation Ideas:

If you’re looking for some presentation ideas to go along with this maze-themed valentine and make it even more special, here are a few fun ways to be “extra:”

  • If you’re considering these Maze Valentine’s Day Cards for a Valentine’s Day Party or gathering, they’d go marvelously with a scavenger hunt! You could even use the valentines to leave a clue for each person in the party and have goody bags as the prize at the end!
  • Laminate the Maze Valentine’s Day cards, punch a hole in the corner, and use a ribbon to tie on fine point dry erase marker. Voila: it’s now re-useable!
  • Purchase some small, inexpensive maze toys on Amazon to give out (instead of candy) with your Maze valentine’s Day Cards! You can get 12 of these on Amazon for less than $6 (here’s a link to that deal). This would be a perfect idea if you are only giving out valentines to a small group, and we both know that all the parents are going to be grateful you gave their child a puzzle instead of more candy!

To grab your printable Maze Valentine’s Day cards, click the link below! And remember, we love for you to share our products and goodies with friends, but please share with them by sending them to here via a link (not by printing out extras). We want to be a blessing to homeschooling parents and offer lots of great affordable and free options, and a little extra online traffic is one way that you can help us out, too. We hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click Here to Grab Your Printable Maze Valentine’s Day Cards! 

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