Valentine’s Day Fun with Numbers 1-20

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Valentine’s Day Fun with Numbers is a great way to add some holiday-themed fun to your math lessons!

Do you have young children who are learning to recognize or write numbers 1-20 (or numbers 1-10)? These Valentine’s Day-themed worksheets are a perfect way to give them some holiday-themed number practice!

Valentine's Day practice for numbers 1-20

Handwriting Practice and Number Recognition

Use the handwriting practice sheet (sample below) to practice recognizing and writing the numbers 1-10 or 1-20. (We love this laminator for making the sheets last longer!) Allow your young child to use colored pencils, crayons, or washable markers to make writing practice more fun! And don’t worry if your little one’s handwriting isn’t perfect! It takes time to develop fine motor skills, and most young children won’t have beautiful handwriting. This activity should be more of an exercise for recognizing numbers and beginning to develop an interest in learning to write them. You don’t want to work too hard on developing pretty handwriting just yet or your child will learn to dislike handwriting.

worksheet for practicing writing numbers 1-20

One-to-One Ratio

Not only can your children have fun practicing number recognition and writing numbers, but you can include even more hands-on fun and work on one-to-one ratio by having them draw the correct number of hearts in the “jars.” Or, to add even more holiday fun (and make your kiddos super happy!), have them add the correct number of chocolate covered raisins or conversation hearts candies to each jar. (We won’t judge if you sneak a few of the candies for yourself!)

handwriting and number recognition practice for the number 5

Fine Motor Practice

For children who need more fine motor practice or for children who are frustrated by trying to do handwriting, use these pages as play dough mats instead! It’s easy to do! Skip the handwriting/tracing, and just use the “jar.” Have your child roll (or pinch off) pieces of play dough to add to the jar. This eliminates the frustration of writing for children who find writing too difficult or who are too young for handwriting practice, but it still allows them to start learning (or to work on perfecting) one-to-one ration and fine motor skills.

letter recognition and handwriting practice for numbers 1-20

To Download Your Own Copy

To find your copy of this Valentine’s Day Numbers Hearts printable, go to the Only Passionate Curiosity store! 

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