Pom Pom Love Bugs – Valentine’s Day Craft

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Today we’re bringing you an Adorable Pom Pom Love Bugs Valentine’s Day craft that’s sure to make you say “awww.”  This Valentine’s Day-inspired craft is cute,  easy, and perfect for the youngest members of the family (although older kids may enjoy participating, too!).  After making these Adorable Pom Pom Love Bugs, your children can give them out to friends instead of (or in addition to) traditional Valentine’s Day cards. These love bugs also make cute Valentine’s Day decorations around your home and are just plain fun for kids to play with! Use your imagination as you have fun making this craft with your little sweetheart/s.

cute love bug pom poms

Use this Valentine’s Day Craft in Your Classroom

Wouldn’t these make absolutely adorable math manipulative counters for your children for the month of February? Be sure to make extras so you have enough to use for making those boring worksheets come to life!

How about an exercise in adjectives. Ask your children to tell you all the words they would use to describe this Valentine’s Day Craft… Adorable would have to be one of them! Give them a lesson on what adjectives are.

Have older chldren? Ask them to write a little story about these adorable creatures. Need a writing prompt?

Tell me about the planet these Pom Pom Love Bugs come from.

What You’ll Need to make this Valentine’s Day Craft:

Materials Needed

Pack of Pom Poms

Get this bag with multiple colors and sizes. It makes you have great diversity in your Pom Pom Love Bug community!

Heart Stickers

You will want to get a thick heart-shaped sticker like these for their feet, because the flat surface allows them to stand up better.

Chenille Stems

If you are like me, you need everything to color coordinate! These chenille stems will make your Pom Pom Love Bugs Valentine’s Day Craft all match!

Googly Eyes

Googly eyes come in so many different shapes and sizes. But what I like about these is that you can get sets that are all the same size.

Tacky Glue

You will want tacky glue that dries fast and clear. This one is perfect for this Valentine’s Day Craft.

How to Make this Valentine’s Day Craft:

This is a very unstructured craft with a lot of room for creativity! Once you have all of the supplies, encourage your child to have fun and explore some different ways to create these adorable love bugs. Below, I’m going to show you just some of the things you might want to do or suggest as you make these with your kiddos.

Essentially, you’ll want your love bugs to have googly eyes, antennae, ears, wings, and/or feet. Use the pipe cleaners and stickers to come up with different ways to make these love bugs! The more variety you make, the better! Use quick drying tacky glue to attach all the pieces, or use a hot glue gun (with adult supervision).

As you get started, cut the pipe cleaners into a variety of lengths to help you get inspired.

You can fold a piece of pipe cleaner in half to create antennae, as shown below.

You may want to dress this up even more by attaching heart stickers to each antenna.

You could also easily use your pipe cleaners to create heart-shaped wings! To do this, bend each piece around your fingers, as shown.

And then twist the two open sides together at the bottom to form a completed heart-shape.

You can use two of these to create two wings! Alternatively, you may also have some large heart-shaped stickers that make great wings, too. Or you can use both–placing a heart-shaped sticker on top of the pipe cleaner wings.

A thick heart-shaped sticker makes a great base/feet for the bottom of your pom pom creations. The flat surface allows them to stand up.

Once your love bugs have wings and/or feet and antennae, have fun creating cute faces for them using small heart stickers and googly eyes! Create as many as you like, and don’t forget to use your imagination!

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