Valentines Day Themed Rhyming Pack

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I really love pulling out all the cute heart-themed printables for the kids in the hopes that they’ll fall in love (See what I did there?) with the holiday like I have. This year, I added a rhyming pack to the mix. It’s perfect for kids who are learning to read and who are working on rhyming words.

rhyming words

This pack is pretty easy to put together. All you have to do is print all the elements and cut them out! Then you’ll fold the bottom of the envelope portion backward and secure it with tape or a staple to make a little envelope. Then, have your kids read the words and sort them into the correct envelopes with the other words that rhyme.

If you have children who are reading well enough to understand the difference between the two sounds the phonogram “ow” makes (Think about the difference between the word cow and the word tow.), you can include both sets of “ow” words in your activity. If your kids aren’t quite ready for that or will be confused by it (or if you try it and find that they’re confused), just leave out one set and try it again another time (or another year). Do what works best for your kids at their current level!

Also included are blank envelopes and heart cards for you or your kiddos to use to make your own sounds and words to rhyme!

free printable rhyming pack for valentines dayGraphics by Scrappin’ Doodles (license here)

This pack includes words ending in:

-ow (cow)
-ow (tow)

Rhyming Words_Page_01Download the “I love to Rhyme: Read and Sort Pack” in our Shop!

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