Winter Printable Pack

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This week we’re having unusually cold winter weather down here in the South. We may even get some snow! (Which usually only happens about every 10 years down here.) But I’ve been hearing from my friends who live farther north that many of you have just about had enough cold and snow. One thing I’ve learned over the years, though, and one thing I’ve told my kids over and over (and over…) is to enjoy the season you’re in as much as possible. (I know, I know. That’s easy for me to say because I’m not dealing with snow all winter!) Nevertheless, I think you will really enjoy our new winter printable pack!

winter printable pack

Winter Printable Pack

For those of you who want to make the most of winter and enjoy some fun educational printables with your young children, I’m sharing this super cute winter printable pack with you! In it, you’ll find 8 pages of winter-themed things for your kiddos to do. Your children will have fun with:

  • a snowflake template
  • a build-a-snowman activity
  • do-a-dot mittens
  • a roll-a-snowman activity
  • a winter patterns page
  • a winter maze
  • winter-themed tracing practice
  • a snowball counting activity

Suggestions for More Ways to Use These Printable Pages

Snowflake Template 

Your children will have lots of fun using this snowflake template to create snowflakes for indoors! Of course they can use white paper to make their snowflakes, but consider using these variations:

  • Encourage them to color or paint their paper (or use stamps, stickers, etc.) and use the paper they decorated to make colorful snowflakes!
  • If you have older kids, this article on The Science of Snow has great ideas for learning about snow (whether or not you live in an area where it snows).
  • Even if it’s not Christmas time, your kids (whether younger or older) will enjoy this Christmas Science Experiment: Borax Crystal Snowflakes. 
  • Older children, teens, and adults will enjoy making these Lovely Quilled Snowflakes!
  • Or you might choose to make a chain of snowflakes (staple or tape them together) to use to count down until spring!

Build a Snowman

This page includes the parts of a snowman to color and cut out. This is great for eye-hand coordination since coloring and cutting with scissors are involved. But there are other ways you could use this page.

  • As with the activity above, encourage your children to use crayons, paints, markers, stickers, etc. to decorate paper to use to make clothing for the snowman.
  • Or, if you have felt or foam sheets, have them use those materials to make clothing.
  • Create a winter diorama! Inside a shoebox, create a winter background. After making their snowmen, have your children add their snowmen to their winter-themed boxes. If you’ve never made a diorama, here is a quick tutorial to give you some guidance.

Do-a-Dot Mittens

Have your kids ever used Do-a-Dot markers? (You may also see them called dab-a-dot markers.) These markers are cleaner and easier to use than paints, and they’re lots of fun! If your kids enjoy using them for this Do-a-Dot Mittens page, they will also enjoy our Dab-a-Dot Worksheets: ABCs and our Dab-a-Dot Number Practice: 0-10 printables.

  • Use these sheets just for fun and let your kids enjoy choosing pretty colors to dab onto the mittens!
  • Or turn this page into a simple counting activity! Use, for example, a red marker on some of the dots and a blue marker on the rest of them. Count the red dots and the blue dots. How many are there of each color?
  • If your kids are old enough, use the page for an addition or subtraction activity. If you colored 10 red dots and 7 blue dots, how many dots did you color altogether? Or try subtracting the two numbers instead. Another subtraction activity you could do is by having your children subtract the number of colored dots from the total number of dots.

Roll a Snowman

This is a fun activity using dice (or a single die). The child rolls a die and uses the key to find out what snowman part (a hat, eyes, etc.) to add to the snowman next.

  • This could be a first lesson on how to use a key. Show the child how to use the number rolled on the die to see which snowman part to draw next.
  • Older children could create a bar graph showing how many times each number was rolled before completing the snowman.

Winter Patterns

This page includes 5 patterns for your children to observe and finish. It also includes practice with colors, cutting, and pasting.

  • To extend this lesson, have your children create their own hands-on winter patterns! Take items around the house (such as colored paper clips, buttons, clothing items, shoes, etc.) and have them create patterns and explain them to you. Or create patterns and see if your children can figure them out!
  • Or have them draw patterns. They might create patterns with the Do-a-Dot markers from the Do-a-Dot Mittens page, or they might want to draw or paint patterns.
  • For more practice with patterns, try our Car Pattern Practice worksheets!

Winter Maze

This winter maze is a fun way to practice eye-hand coordination, patience, and handwriting skills.

  • Have your children do the maze from top (beginning) to bottom (end). Then try working it backward from bottom (end) to top (beginning).
  • Just for fun (and for practice following oral instructions), have your child draw the line while you give oral instructions for which way to go! Or have your child tell you which way to go while you draw the line through the maze.

Let’s Follow the Lines Tracing Practice

This colorful page can be used for helping to develop skills for good handwriting and for practicing colors!

  • Have your child trace the lines using the color indicated on the sheet. Discuss how we read and write from left to right.
  • Talk about what each person (on the left side of the sheet) is doing. Tell a story about that person and his or her activities. Are they friends having some winter fun outside? Brothers and sisters playing in the yard together? What is the weather like based on what they’re doing?

Snowballs Counting

This page covers numbers 1-10 and encourages children to count the snowballs in each square and fill in the circle with the correct answer.

  • You can also use this for simple addition and subtraction problems. (See this information on Do-a-Dot Mittens sheet.)
  • Or if you’re dreaming about warmer weather, use the Fun on the Farm with Apple Tree Math sheets for some similar math-related activities!

To get your Winter Printable Pack, CLICK THIS LINK!


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