Preschool Pirate Printable Pack

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Ahoy mateys!  Did you know that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?  We can all use an excuse to have more fun and enjoy some creative activities every once and awhile, so we want to encourage you to get inspired by International Talk Like a Pirate Day in your homeschool with these fun, pirate-themed activities that are perfect for young children!

This printable pack includes 30 pages of engaging activities that will stimulate and entertain your Pre-K aged child!  Every activity is adorably illustrated with a pirate theme in mind, so these pages are full of colorful treasure maps, tropical islands, sailors and ships.  Because these activities build important learning skills that your Pre-K child will need to practice often, you can also laminate all of these activities and use them over and over again.

What’s Included:

The printable pack was designed especially for Pre-K aged children, so the activities included involve early learning skills that have to do with sequencing, letter and number recognition, puzzles, pre-writing, and motor skill practice! Though the activities and skills in this printable won’t be new to Kindergarten- 1st grade children, children in this age range could also still enjoy – and benefit from- this printable pack!

To your child, these activities will feel like fun, challenging games and puzzles, but he or she will actually be learning and reinforcing important early reading and math skills.  Here’s what you’ll get with this printable pack:

Number Sequencing Puzzle Strips

Your child can practice lining up numbers 1-10 with two separate puzzles that involve arranging the numbers in the correct order to reveal a secret image!

A Pirate Matching Game

Children love memory-boosting matching games! This pirate-themed matching game includes 28 cards (14 pairs) to mix-up, find, and match! If you are working with a child who is new to matching games, you can start with fewer pairs and increase them each time you play!

Simple Puzzles

This pack includes 4 very simple (four piece) pirate-y puzzles that are ideal for toddler and Pre-K children!

Line Tracing

Getting your child to trace lines and shapes is a great way to help him or her attain pre-writing practice! This printable includes a page of different shaped lines that your child can trace. This would be a good one to laminate and re-use over and over again (just have your child use a thin, dry-erase marker to trace.)


The pattern-recognition activities in this pack help support early math skills.

Order by Size

This is another game that encourages early math skills by helping young children learn to recognize and organize differently-sized objects.

Number Puzzles

This puzzle involves counting pirate-themed objects and matching them to the puzzle piece with the corresponding number.


Young children love tic-tac-toe, and it’s a great way to start teaching them about strategic thinking!


This printable pack finishes up with four coloring pages that young children can enjoy!

To download your Preschool Pirate Printable Pack, click here!

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