Printable Tangram Challenge Cards!

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Have your kids ever used Tangram puzzles? The classic Tangram puzzle, which originated in Imperial China, consists of just 7 shapes: 5 triangles, a square, and a parallelogram.  These shapes fit together to create a square, but the pieces of it can also be rearranged – using creative and critical thinking skills – into almost anything you can imagine!

Using tangram puzzles in your homeschool can be a perfect way to have a little fun and get creative with geometry and engineering skills. Today, we’re bringing you a printable resource that will make using a Tangram puzzle even more fun–Printable Tangram Challenge Cards!

You could almost think about the Tangram Puzzle as an ancient form of LEGOs. They present a similar challenge to use the limitations of certain shapes in order to make diverse creations! Just like LEGO challenges, these Tangram Challenge Cards help kids come up with new ways to push the limits of their imaginations using familiar and simple materials. These Printable Tangram Challenge Cards will help your kids think about how simple shapes can be arranged to create more complex ones and inspire them to think creatively.

How to Use This Printable:

First, head over to our OPC store (link at the bottom of this article) to download and print out your Tangram Challenge Cards.  After you cut them out, I’d also suggest that you laminate them to keep them sturdy and help them last a long time!

You’ll also need the 7 shapes that form the Tangram Puzzle, which your kids will be using to complete the challenges on the cards! If you don’t have some kind of Tangram Puzzle at home, don’t worry! We actually have one of these available to download and print out as part of our Printable Tangram Number Puzzle set (which, by the way, would be great to use alongside these challenge cards. )

So, once again, if you need a Tangram Puzzle to use with these challenge cards, you can grab it by clicking this link.

Once you have both your Printable Challenge Cards and your Tangram puzzle, you can start the challenges! Using the pieces of the Tangram Puzzle, have your child/children try to replicate the various challenges presented on each challenge card:

You may want to have your child/children use these Tangram Challenge Cards: 

  • Competitively/with each other: Who can complete a particular Tangram Challenge arrangement first?
  • Individually: Completing one (or a few) Tangram challenge cards as a brain wake-up or as a brain-break!
  • Virtually: With a friend or family member they don’t get to see often, via Zoom or Skype!
  • Daily: You could make the Tangram puzzle a fun part of your daily homeschool routine!

And if your children become masters of these Tangram Puzzles, you can encourage them to get really creative and design some original challenges/arrangements of their own! Click the link below to grab your Printable Tangram Challenge Cards from our store!

Grab Your Printable Tangram Challenge Cards Here!

We hope your young engineers have a blast with these printable Tangram Challenge Cards! Let us know if you plan to use this one!

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