Fun on the Farm with Apple Tree Math

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Today we’re sharing a super cute 4-page apple tree math printable for addition practice! We’re also sharing some ways you can use them for subtraction and even language arts as well as some examples for ways both younger and older students can use them. So no matter the age or skill level of your child, we think you’ll love these! Keep reading to find out how to have some Fun on the Farm with Apple Tree Math!

The sheet above is ready to be used as-is. You can simply have your child add the apples on each tree and write the answers in the box beside the problem.

Other Ways to Try It #1

If you’d like to make the problems a little more difficult, draw in some of your own apples on some or all of the trees!

Or if you have a child who is old enough to understand, you can show him or her how to “reverse” the problem. In other words, explain (and show) how you can take the answer, subtract the number of apples from one of the trees, and end up with the number of apples on the other tree.

Draw apples on the trees and then laminate the sheet so your child can practice the same problems multiple times if needed.

Other Ways to Try It #2

Or you can laminate first and then draw your apples so you can make the problems different each time you use the sheet.

To make it more fun, use different colored dry-erase markers to draw your apples!

You’ll probably want to laminate this play dough mat before your child uses it to prevent it from becoming stained or greasy. Then you can have your child make apples from play dough to put on the trees. He or she can create, count, and place apples on one tree and then create, count, and place apples on the next tree before completing the addition problem.

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Other Ways to Try It #3

Or you, the parent, can draw apples on the trees instead of using the sheet as a play dough mat. If you’ve laminated your sheet, you can use those dry-erase markers again so you can re-use it.

For those with older students who understand more advanced math concepts, you can use this sheet (like you did the one above) to demonstrate how each addition problem can also be “reversed” to make a subtraction problem.

This play dough mat can be used by younger children just for fun! (Don’t forget to laminate it!) They’ll get fine motor practice from rolling their own little play dough apples to go on the tree. You can also encourage them to make some worms to go in the apples.

Other Ways to Try It #4

You can talk about how apples are different colors as you make red, green, and yellow apples for your trees. If you don’t mind your child mixing the colors, you can even talk about (and demonstrate) how some apples are a sort of swirled mixture of colors and how some apples are even a kind of pink color.

A great way to demonstrate addition for very young children is to have them make red apples for the tree, make yellow apples for the tree, and then count all of the apples. Then talk about how the red apples plus the yellow apples equal the total number of apples on the tree.

For older children, you can also use this sheet to demonstrate subtraction. Have your children make red apples to go on the tree. Then have them make green apples to go on the tree. Count (add) all of the apples to get your total. Then show how the opposite works too. Count the total number of apples, remove apples of one color, and count the remaining apples of the other color.

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They can even be used for fine motor skills and language arts!

And of course you can always allow your children to use these play dough mats to have fun and enjoy making all sorts of play dough creations! Encourage them to create farm animals, barns or houses, fences, gardens, people, or whatever else they might see on a farm. This is great for developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination, and it’s also just plain fun!

You may even want to have them use their play dough creations to tell stories! For even more fun, have them dictate stories to you. Write them down, and you’ll have something fun to read together when they’re older. Memories like these are priceless!

No matter how you choose to use these Fun on the Farm with Apple Tree Math Pages, we do hope you and your children enjoy these printables, enjoy your time together, and enjoy time spent teaching and learning together!

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