Dinosaur Activity Pages for Kids

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Most children are completely fascinated by dinosaurs! They love to read books about dinosaurs. They love to color pictures of dinosaurs. They love to play with toy dinosaurs. And they love to do activities that have to do with dinosaurs.

When my son was very young, he knew the names of lots of different dinosaurs. He could tell you what they looked like and what they ate. He could tell you which one was his favorite and why. He wasn’t even old enough to read or write, but he could pronounce complicated dinosaur names and knew all kinds of dinosaur-related information. I was happy that he was so fascinated with dinosaurs because it was an opportunity for me to sneak in some educational information and activities with him even though he was never really one of those kids who loved to do school work.

I’m definitely a fan of allowing children to run and play, but there are times now and then when children have to sit still for a few minutes. Occasionally you’ll need to take your child with you to an appointment. Or maybe your child needs something quiet to do while you have a phone call or while you’re working on a project for work. No matter the situation, I think you’ll find these dinosaur activity pages will help!

If you have more than one child who loves dinosaurs, you are certainly allowed to make multiple copies so you’ll have enough. We do ask, though, that you direct others (outside of your household) to this article so they can download their own activity pages. (And we appreciate your sending folks to our site so much!!)

These activity pages include a Dinosaur I Spy page, a coloring page, a word search, and a maze. And all your child will need in order to use 3 these pages is a pencil or crayon! (If your child wants to color the coloring page, he or she will need a set of crayons or colored pencils too.)

Click here to go to the OPC store and download your Dinosaur Activity Pages!

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