Dab-a-Dot Worksheets: ABCs

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I hope you were able to grab our last Dab-a-Dot printable pack with numbers 0 -10. (If not, click HERE.) I’m excited to bring you a new pack for Dab-a-Dot practice–alphabet worksheets. While Dab-a-Dot marker play can be open-ended, it’s nice to sometimes have more targeted activities to use, so this new printable pack does just that!

Dab-a-Dot Markers

Each worksheet in this pack allows students to practice mastery of the alphabet by using their Dab-a-Dot markers. The one-letter-per-page format allows even your youngest students to have fun filling in the dots as they learn each new letter. These are also great for occupational therapy or sensory-aware students–just use the worksheets with finger paint or washable ink.

In addition, older students can practice writing and reading each letter. No Dab-a-Dot markers on hand? Have them color each page with crayons or colored pencils! Or laminate each page and use dry erase markers each time! All the letters of the alphabet are included. Have fun!

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