Learning About the Scientific Method

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As parents, we want our kids to be lifelong learners with critical thinking skills. A great way to start laying the foundation for these goals is to teach them about the scientific method. The scientific method is an awesome introduction to the practices of asking important questions, making good observations, and analyzing data–all skills that are just as useful in everyday life as they are in the laboratory or classroom. 

But how do you teach the scientific method? Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, the printable we are bringing you today makes it super easy to explain, and begin using, the scientific method with your kids.  Even better, this printable can be used and customized for a variety of ages, levels, and scientific experiments! 

scientific method printables

What’s Included: 

This Learning About the Scientific Method printable includes 5 pages, which includes: 

  1. A page that goes over/explains each step in the process. 
  2. A page that demonstrates how to make scientific observations. 
  3. A hands-on activity that your child can use to practice placing each step in this method in the correct order. 
  4. A page that you can use to evaluate your child’s understanding of the scientific method. 
  5. A fill-in-the-blanks page that you can use to help your child go through each step of the scientific method for any experiment! 

Why We Love It: 

This printable is awesome because it’s a great mixture of easy-to-understand explanations and hands-on practice. It includes a basic/theoretical explanation of the scientific method that is simple enough for children of most ages to grasp,  followed by activities that can help gauge their understanding. Even better, this printable includes hands-on practice that children can use to guide their use of the scientific observations/the scientific method in any scientific endeavor or experiment! 

How to Use it: 

The great thing about this printable is that you can use it alongside pretty much any scientific unit, study, or experiment as a way to help your child understand how the scientific method works and why it’s important! If you are using this printable to introduce this topic for the very first time, you may want to use it alongside a scientific experiment that you have done previously.  You may even want to laminate the fill-in-the-blanks pages (or print multiple copies) so that these can be used anytime something is being studied scientifically. 

Experiments You Can Use With This Printable:

If you’re looking for some scientific studies or experiments to use alongside this scientific method printable, check out some of the following: 

Salt and Ice Experiments for Kids: 

This simple experiment is perfect for testing out the scientific method! 

Easy Electricity Experiment

This experiment is inspired by Benjamin Franklin and uses items that you probably already have at home. 

3 Easy Investigations to Investigate Snow 

This article shares 3 easy experiments you can do with your kids to learn more about snow. These would be great for making predictions and observations! 

Grab your scientific method printable pack by clicking the link below! We hope you enjoy it alongside all of your fun scientific experiments and explorations.

Grab Your Scientific Method Printable Pack Here! 

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