Dab-a-Dot Number Practice: 0 – 10

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Are you familiar with Dab-a-Dot (also called Do-a-Dot) markers? They are markers filled with non-toxic paint which allow kids as young as 2 years old to enjoy mess-free coloring/painting. Each press of the marker against paper creates a “dot” of paint.

Dab-a-Dot Printables

Dab-a-Dot marker play can be open-ended, but as your child’s teacher, it’s nice to sometimes have more targeted activities to use, so this new printable pack does just that!

Each worksheet in this pack allows students to practice mastery of the numbers 0 – 10 by using their Dab-a-Dot markers. The one-number-per-page format allows even your littles to have fun filling in the dots as they learn each new number.

In addition, older students can practice writing and reading each number name. No Dab-a-Dot markers on hand? Have them color each page with crayons or colored pencils! Or laminate each page and use dry erase markers each time!

This printable pack is now available in the OPC Store, along with tons of other printable resources! Thank you for supporting my family in this little corner of the Worldwide Web! Click the banner below to download!

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