20+ Winter Activities, Crafts, and Fun Ideas

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Has winter settled in and gotten comfortable with that frosty embrace? Are you struggling to find enough winter activities to inspire your kids during the homeschool hours? Maybe you’re having a hard time rousing your kids in the morning because they just want a few more minutes under the cozy quilt. (Or maybe you’re having a hard time rousing yourself to another winter morning.)

But winter doesn’t have to be all cold and drear. In fact, winter brings a world of possibilities for fun and creativity. Whether you’re bundled up indoors or frolicking in the snow-covered outdoors, there are so many ways to embrace the season’s magic.

winter activities and crafts

So, let’s explore a vast array of winter activities, crafts, printables, recipes, and other ideas that are sure to brighten up even the most overcast of days and add a touch of warmth to the frigid winter air.

From cozy indoor crafts to suggestions for fun outdoor adventures, there’s something here for everyone in your homeschool classroom to enjoy.

Winter Activities & Outdoor Learning:

Winter Activities in the Kitchen:

There’s nothing like whipping up something tasty in a warm and toasty kitchen when it’s chilly or even snowing outside. Here are some fun winter-themed recipes that are geared toward doing with the little ones!

Winter Printables:

On some cold and snowy days, you just need “busy work.” You know what I mean? Things that don’t take a lot of time to prepare but that keep your kids learning so that you don’t feel guilty you’re not more on top of things. (I hope it’s not just me who feels that way sometimes.)

  • These Snow Day Math pages help your kids practice addition and subtraction up to 20.
  • Let your kids build indoor snowmen with these Snowman Math Facts.
  • If you’re stuck inside this winter during a snowstorm or crazy cold temps, these winter-related printable pages will give your children something fun and educational to do: Winter Printable Pack!

In these printables below, you have dozens of pages of winter-themed educational content, including alphabets, numbers, counting, activity pages, and Montessori-style educational work pages:

Winter Alphabet Flash Cards Printable (opens in new tab)

Winter Number Flash Cards Printable (opens in new tab)

Winter Counting Cards Printable (opens in new tab)

Winter Activity Pages Printable (opens in new tab)

Montessori Winter Worksheet Bundle Printable (opens in new tab)

Winter Activities and Crafts

Winter Crafts:

Of course, you can do all kinds of crafts in the winter, but these next few crafts are winter-themed, with objects like snowflakes, arctic animals, and the like. Enjoy!

Even More Winter Activities:

Our sister sites, Hip Homeschool Moms and Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, have a ton of winter activities, study ideas, field trip suggestions, and more! Make sure you check out the following posts for more creative and fun ways to keep learning throughout the winter season.

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