Do You Want to Build a Snowman {Printable Math Facts}

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Does it snow where you live? Where I live in the South, we get about a half-inch of snow once every 10 years or so! When my children were all little, they were fascinated with snow. To be honest, they still are. The few times my kids have seen snow, they absolutely loved building snowmen! Admittedly, our snowmen were tiny because, well, you can’t build a very big snowman with a half-inch of snow.

adding doubles

If you have children who love snow or if you’re doing a unit study about snow, these Do You Want to Build a Snowman Printable Math Facts worksheets are perfect to include! They’ll help your kindergarten and first-grade children as they learn or practice adding doubles (from 1+1 through 12+12). They can also be used for older children who need review or extra practice.

They’re easy to use! Just match the problem to the answer and build a row of snowmen.

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