Fall Verbs Read & Write Spelling Pack

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Today’s printable pack, Fall Verbs Read & Write Spelling Pack, is part of our series of fall parts of speech packs. These packs are simple but beautiful and easy to use!

This one includes 21 pages and is all about fall verbs. 

How to Use This Pack 

Word Wall Strips

These work really well as spelling lists if you want to give your kids a fall-themed challenge. To help your children learn to recognize each word and the associated action, you’ll find word wall strips with matching images. (Word wall strips are simply the printed word with the picture of the action beside it. You can see an example of stacking in the image above.) 

Read and Write Cards

Also included are read-and-write cards. (You may choose to cut them apart to make individual cards, or you can leave them as-is when you print them and use them as full sheets of paper.) These cards are easy to use. They simply allow the child to look at the picture of the action along with the printed word and then write the word for practice. 

Spelling Practice Suggestions

  • You may want to print these on cardstock and laminate them so your kids can practice writing the words with dry-erase markers.
  • You can place the word wall cards and matching pictures in your pocket chart and then put the read-and-write cards on a ring so your children can use them to practice their spelling words throughout the week. If you’ve laminated them, you can save them for use with younger children once they are old enough to enjoy them!

More Ideas

You and your children can use your imaginations to come up with more fun ways to use this printable pack!

  • You could print double copies of the words or the pictures, cut them out, and create your own matching game! Have your child practice reading or spelling each word as he/she makes a match.
  • Use the printed words to talk about beginning sounds, long and short vowels, blends, etc. 
  • If your child is older or a more competent speller and reader, allow him or her to look at the picture and write the word without using the printed word as a reference. 
  • If your child is younger or isn’t a good speller, use these cards as practice but don’t require him/her to remember how to spell each word. Simply use it to help the child get familiar with each word and become competent at reading each one. 

Click here to get your Fall Verbs Read and Write Pack!

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