Shark Printable Pack

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Shark Printable Pack

This 10-page printable pack is perfect for Shark Week or any other time! Many children are fascinated with sharks and other ocean creatures, and we parents can take advantage of that fascination to help our children get excited about learning.

shark printable pack for kids

This pack includes pages for children to learn about:

  • the shark food chain
  • pages for matching and finding the differences between similar pictures
  • a cutting and pasting activity to strengthen fine motor skills
  • a dot-to-dot for practice with numbers 1-20
  • a “how many” activity to help strengthen observation skills and give children practice counting and writing numbers
  • a sequencing activity
  • a word search
  • a page for shark food chain identification (vocabulary)

The first several pages may be used independently by many children. The last few pages may require a little help from an adult, or you may choose to use those pages with older siblings!

No matter how you choose to use these pages, your child will enjoy learning more about sharks and doing these fun shark-related activities!

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