Planet Earth Lapbook

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If you’re looking for a fun study to do for Earth Day (or any time!), this Planet Earth Lapbook is the perfect activity to celebrate our planet in your homeschool! (But let’s be honest: we’ve got a lot of great reasons to love this beautiful planet.) This printable Planet Earth Lapbook is an interactive, multi-faceted, and self-guided research project that will have your kids making cool new discoveries about this place that we all call home.

What is a lapbook?

If you’ve never heard of one before, a “lapbook” is a super hands-on way for students to dive deep into studying a particular topic (in this case, planet Earth).  A lapbook looks like a folder or file and is full of smaller pieces, pages, cards, and mini books that go into more detail about the topic at hand. When kids create a lapbook, they get to think about the broad topic being studied as well as more specific components of that topic. In putting it together, students research, process, and produce information in a fun and interactive way. Once complete, the lapbook is a super cool vessel to store and record all of that learning. It’s also a great way to review later and to use to share information with others (like grandparents).

What’s included?

This 12-page printable includes everything that kids need to produce a detailed lapbook about Earth. It comes with sections to guide research, images to color, cut out, and write on, and directions for putting the whole thing together!

Topics and sections that your child will research for this printable lapbook are:

  • Continents
  • Oceans
  • Rocks
  • Earth’s Layers
  • Moon phases
  •  Fun Facts About Earth

How to Use the Printable:

  • This printable is fairly self-guided, especially when used by older (middle school or high school aged) students. Upper elementary level students could probably complete this Planet Earth Lapbook with just a bit of guidance.
  • Part of the task for students is following the directions for construction of the lapbook (which are included in the printable).
  • The research for the lapbook is also self-guided and customizable to each student. For example, there are elements where students can choose 1one fact about each thing being studied, and there is a whole section for “fun facts” about Earth.
  • Part of the fun in making a lapbook is the freedom to research and learn new things that are interesting to you. It’s important for your student to know that this is a fun project and chance to learn new and interesting things about the planet we live on.  As the saying goes, this one is about “the journey, not the destination.”
  • Kids will learn so much through the process of making their lapbook–it doesn’t matter as much if the end result is picture perfect.

We hope that you and your kids enjoy this printable Planet Earth Lapbook and learn all kinds of new, fun facts about our home planet! We think that lapbooks make perfect research tools for kids of all ages, especially those who love hands-on activities. Grab yours by clicking the link below!

Click Here to Grab Your Printable Planet Earth Lapbook 

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