For the Love of Teaching- Schooling Outside

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Homeschooling isn’t always sunshine and roses. Some days, we drag our feet, or have tears over our lessons, or want to throw the book across the room. On days like that, when all I want to do is send everyone back to bed at noon, I am saved by the “fun” subjects I get to teach in the afternoon. Getting outside in the fresh air, and watching the kids faces light up with excitement and wonder can get our day right back on track, and brighten everyone’s spirits.

Looking for bugs in their natural habitat!

Luckily, there is many subjects that can be taught with no prep time, and no fuss. You just have to put on your shoes (or leave them behind!) and head on outside. Kids can learn so much by simply exploring outside! This past year, our focus was on getting outdoors more, and I am so glad to say that we were able to turn our homeschool around, from being book focused at the table, to being focused on the world all around us and staying outside as much as possible.

Preschool Outdoors- Comparing sizes and looking for the biggest leaf!

Some ideas for outdoor lessons:

  1. Count Bugs
  2. Collect rocks and make observations about different types
  3. Watch the clouds and make up stories using the shapes you see as your characters
  4. Explore the root system of trees
  5. See how far you can run
  6. Go on a color hunt and collect as many colorful items as you can find
  7. Listen to bird songs
  8. Start a nature journal and sketch what you see
  9. Find something, and describe it using strong adjectives
  10. Just GO outside, I promise, they’ll learn something.

I love teaching when it’s easy on me, and there is nothing easier than letting the kids just learn from the world around them!


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