Fall: Read, Write, and Count the Room!

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Fall is arguably the most popular season, and it’s no wonder why! Outside activities are cooler and inside activities are – well- cozier, in the autumn! Today, we’re bringing you a beautiful Fall: Read, Write, & Count the Room activity that you can use in your homeschool to celebrate this season.

This fall activity set can be used in a variety of different ways with different ages and levels (though early elementary ages may enjoy it most!). It also includes pages that have been adapted for special needs learners.  We hope that you enjoy this whimsical educational printable with your family this season!

fall read, write, and count the room

What’s Included in Your Fall: Read, Write, & Count the Room Set

This set includes 35 printable pages and 3 different activities you can do with the fall picture cards–including suggestions for how to use each activity with a child who may have special needs.

Each of the 3 activities comes with both a full-color version and a black & white version, so you can choose which you’d rather print and use.

These activities help develop observation skills, literacy and writing skills, and counting skills! And because they encourage your children to move around the room, they’re perfect for young children who like to move and learn at the same time! (And let’s face it–most young children need to be active while they’re learning!)

NOTE: You can see sample pages when you click the link below to get your Fall: Read, Write, & Count the Room Activity Set. 

How to Use It:

There are several different ways you can use (and re-use) this fall activity set! If you are going to use this activity more than once, or with more than one child, we highly suggest laminating it so that it will hold up and so that the child’s answers can be written in dry erase marker (and then erased for re-use.)

The three variations of games that are included in this set are: Read and Write the Room, Scavenger Hunt, and Count the Room. Each one comes with detailed instructions, including instructions for how to use these games with children who may have special needs.

Read and Write the Room:

In this game, you will place (or hide) the cut-out picture cards around the room, and your child will play detective by searching for each image that matches the image on his or her corresponding Read and Write the Room Record-keeping Sheet. Once each item is located, your child will document the find by writing down the word that goes with each particular picture on the sheet.

This would be an awesome activity for children K- 2nd grade who are learning to write and spell new words. You could even coordinate this activity with spelling words that you have been learning in your homeschool! If you want to do that, the words your child will need to know how to write are: 

  • bird
  • leaf
  • deer
  • owl
  • flower
  • fox
  • acorn
  • rain boots
  • squirrel
  • mushroom
  • hedgehog
  • cloud

Count the Room: 

Count the Room is one of the other activities included in this set. In this activity, your child will also practice observational skills as they search for each depicted object on their Count the Room Record-keeping Sheet, find the corresponding picture hidden in the room, and count how many of each object there are on each hidden picture card.

This is such a fun way to practice counting and number-writing skills for any child who is working on developing a familiarity with numbers! This activity could be used by children Pre-K- 1st grade.

Scavenger Hunt:

Most kids love a scavenger hunt, and one is included in this fall activities set! This scavenger hunt is a friendly option for all ages. It is also special needs friendly, particularly if you have a child who is unable to write but would like to join in on the fun. This activity could be used as a warm-up, or as a finale, to the other two activities!

We hope that you enjoy this activity set. There are many different ways to have fun using it with multiple children. Grab your printable Fall Activity Set by clicking the link below.

Get your Fall: Read, Write, & Count the Room Activity Set Here!

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