Music Appreciation Printable with Music Cards and Listening Log

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Music appreciation is one of those finer points of education that can benefit a child for a lifetime! After all, a better understanding and love of music is something that adds enjoyment at all stages of life.  However, it’s not always easy to know how to teach music appreciation in your homeschool (especially if you’re not a musician!) If you’re struggling with how to teach your kids about engaging with and appreciating music, then you are going to love today’s printable.  You can use these fun, printable pages to easily explore music appreciation with your kids in a no-stress way. This music appreciation printable includes music cards for discussion and a kid-friendly listening log, too!

What’s Included:

This printable includes 4 pages of interactive content that will guide you and your child(ren) in a constructive conversation about music and help them consider how/why they connect with it! There are 2 pages of music cards as well as a 2 page listening log.

Music Cards

There are 12 music cards in this printable, which you can print, cut out, and laminate to use as you consider various pieces of music with your child(ren). Each card contains questions/prompts about the experience of listening to a piece of music You could use these in a huge variety of ways! Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Use them informally, as conversation starters about a variety of compositions and songs!
  2. Introduce a new card/concept with each lesson, and expand upon the question with discussion/supplemental activities.
  3. Use them as part of a group/family activity. These cards aren’t limited to a particular age range. If you are working with kids of different ages, the prompts can be fun to go through as a family (you could make up a game to go with them!)

Listening Log

The printable also includes a 2 page listening log that will guide kids as they research a particular work of music and think about how to describe it. Like the music cards, the listening log can be useful to a variety of ages (elementary- middle school level). There are sections where more complicated information may be drawn/illustrated by younger children, but you may want to have older children write the answers (or even expand upon their answers in a longer assignment).

Once you get the downloadable pages, you’ll be able to print out a new listening log whenever you need one! You may even want to keep your child’s listening logs for various pieces of music in a music appreciation binder!

However you want to use these printable pages, I think that the best thing about them is that they make it easier to start having conversations about great works of music with your kids. Being able to define and describe different facets of the musical experience, and talk about how music impacts us, is a great foundation for lifelong music appreciation!

Grab your music appreciation printable by clicking the link below!

Grab your Music Appreciation Printable Here!

Do you teach music appreciation in your homeschool? What would be your favorite way to use these music cards?

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