Fall Early Learning Pack

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Fall is here! Whether it feels like fall or (like it does here) still seems a little too much like summer, it’s always fun to celebrate the season of autumn with some fun decorations and some fall-themed printables!

If you’re looking for a fun, printable fall early learning pack for your kiddos, we think you’ll love this one! It includes a fall words wall, some first sound cards, writing strips, and a matching game for fall too! This printable pack is perfect to use with Pre-K – Kindergarten aged children!

Graphics by www.scrappindoodles.com. You can see our license here.

You may want to print these out on card stock and laminate them to make them easier to use and re-use later on! I resisted buying a laminator for a long time because I didn’t think I would use it enough to make it worth buying one. I was so wrong! I will forever be grateful that I finally bought one–especially since the prices are so much more reasonable than they were in the past!

Once you’ve laminated everything, your little ones can use dry erase markers (get washable ones!) so they can use these printables over and over! 

How to Use This Pack 

Word Wall & Write it: 

Acorn, leaf, corn, scarecrow…these are images we associate with fall! In the colorful, illustrated “Word Wall & Write it!” section of this pack, your young learner can begin to recognize these fall terms and practice writing each one in large print on these lined pages. 

First Sounds: 

Let your little one practice his or her mastery of letter sounds by identifying the letter that each fall image begins with! He or she can circle the correct letter below each given picture or place an object (or clothespin) on the correct letter. 

Matching Game: 

Matching games are great for practicing those observation skills, and even very young kids can play this fun, fall-themed matching game. After you print out, cut, and laminate the cards, take turns flipping cards over (two at a time), always trying to find a matching pair! 


Get the Fall Early Learning Pack HERE!

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