Kid’s Caricature Sculptures in the Style of Honore Daumier

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This week in art class, the kids learned about Honore Daumier and his caricatures. We looked at some of his sculptures of the French Parliament members, and laughed at their goofy details. I just love these sculptures and can’t wait to take my kids to go see the collection in Paris!

I challenged the kids to make their own caricature sculptures out of a small block of clay. We started by making a pinch pot bowl to serve as our head, and then added details, like big noses, ears, hair and eyes. The biggest challenge came when I told them they needed to make their faces have a neck and shoulders. It was wonderful watching their minds work to come up with a solution to get their heads balanced!

I am so thrilled with how this project turned out! After I fire (ahem, bake) the clay, we’ll paint them.

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