Fall LEGO Challenge

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Does your child love creating and building new things out of LEGO blocks? I think the best toys are sometimes the most simple: the ones that allow our kids to think critically and use their imaginations! Through play, LEGO toys can help your child become an artist, architect and engineer! Sometimes, even kids can get a little stuck on inspiration and need new prompts and challenges to get them started with creating. That is one reason that I think LEGO Challenges are so awesome! Today, we’re bringing you a fall themed LEGO Challenge that your child (or children) can use to get some autumnal inspiration for their creations!

Fall LEGO Challenge: What Is It?

LEGO challenges are a super popular way to add just one more facet of fun to playing with LEGO blocks. Kids of many different ages use LEGO Challenge prompts as a way to get inspiration and push themselves to create new and different things. Today’s Fall LEGO Challenges comes with 20 fall-ish prompts that will challenge your kid(s) to recreate all kinds of fascinating fall sights, from sunflowers to a LEGO pie!

How to Use this Fall LEGO Challenge:


LEGO challenges can be used in all kinds of different ways. Your child may want to participate in a challenge with a friend, or complete one per day as a solo activity! If you have multiple kids, you may want to have them create the same prompt in different areas, then compare the different approaches! You could even print the page with 20 days of challenges, then cut each one out and laminate them so that one can be drawn at random.

You may want to try putting a time limit on the challenge, or have it go on throughout the day. This LEGO Challenge would be a good brain break in the school day, or a nice way to get started in the morning. You get the idea. Use it in a way that works for your and your crew! However,  (since LEGO creations don’t last forever) don’t forget to take pictures!

We hope you enjoy this Fall LEGO Challenge. Grab yours by clicking the link below!

Click Here to Grab Your Printable Fall LEGO Challenge

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