Sea Turtle Mini Unit

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Sea turtles are such majestic creatures. While we all know about their presence, and appreciate their beauty, it may come as a surprise that many species of this graceful animal are currently endangered. One simple thing that we can do to help sea turtles thrive is to teach our kids about them! When kids become more aware of  the amazing animals that need help from humankind, they will grow up wanting to do more to help. Late summer through fall is the time of year when baby sea turtles begin to hatch on shore and make their way to the sea, so what better time to celebrate and learn more about them? We’re bringing you a fun and engaging Sea Turtle Mini Unit that you can use to help your children understand more about sea turtles!

What’s Included:

This 11 page printable will help young elementary-aged children learn more about sea turtles: from fun facts about them to the way their life cycle works. There is even a link included to a YouTube channel where children can continue their study of this amazing animal with educational videos about sea turtles.

This mini-unit includes:

  • A 2 page general summary about sea turtles.
  • 1 page of fun sea turtle facts that kids will find easy to remember!
  • A labeled sea turtle life cycle illustration (and a separate page that kids can use to fill in their own labels.)
  • A page of multiple-choice questions to reinforce kids’ memory of facts they’ve learned about sea turtles (and an answer sheet!)
  • A YouTube channel resource that kids can use to do more sea turtle research and accompanying journal page.
  • A sea turtle themed word search.
  • A beautiful sea turtle coloring page.

This Sea Turtle Mini Unit is easy to use with kids of many ages, particularly those in elementary grades! We hope you print this one out (using the link below) and enjoy learning more about these amazing creatures!

Get Your Sea Turtle Mini Unit Study Here 


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