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Remember how I told you the kids love superheroes? They also LOVE comic books. My middle goober (that would be Doodle) is writing-averse, but he loves to read, and really loves to draw. I made these comic book strips for him, so he can “write” a book report without having to write very much at all.

I ask him to make sure he includes information about the setting, the characters, and of course, the plot when he is designing his comic. I’ve found it really helpful to sit down with him before he starts- we take a moment to look at the page, and see what boxes are available, and then we talk through the story.

We decide what part of the story is the climax, and where we should draw that on the comic, and make sure we leave enough boxes to cover all the important parts of the story.

The conversation always brings out interesting tidbits about the story and what he thought of it- and the more we talk, the better his comics represent the story when he is finished!

Free Book Reports

This pack includes four different layouts, with two versions, one for book reports, and one for chapter summaries – which is useful for older children reading longer books. There are eight pages included in total.

I hope your kids love it as much as mine do!

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