A Huge Collection of Christmas Printables and Holiday Schooling Ideas for Your Homeschool

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Some homeschooling families choose to take the month of December off from doing regular school work. Some families go right ahead with homeschooling. Some things to consider when making the decision to continue or not with school might have to do with your children’s ages, how busy your family is during the holidays, whether your kids enjoy having some time off or whether they like to stay on a schedule and have a predictable routine, and whether or not your family will be traveling during December.

What Is Holiday Schooling?

No matter whether you choose to do your regular routine during December or whether you choose to take some time off, it’s always fun to add in some “holiday schooling” during this time of year! What is holiday schooling? It’s simply taking the opportunity to do some educational activities that are related to the holidays. This can include things you’ll probably be doing anyway such as baking, housecleaning, buying and wrapping gifts, creating (or unboxing) and displaying holiday decorations, traveling…you get the idea. This may also include doing some educational science experiments, writing activities, worksheets, etc.

We have lots of fun holiday schooling ideas and printables here on Only Passionate Curiosity, so we thought we’d try to make it a little easier for you to find what you need for your family. Below you’ll find an organized list of the ideas and activities we have available. Many of them or free or very low cost, and all are fun and educational! I hope you’ll take a look at our list, download whatever works for your family, and share the link to this article with friends and family members–even those who don’t homeschool but who might be interested in some fun educational activities while their children are out of school for the holidays.

NOTE: Please don’t share your downloads with others. Instead, please give them the link to this article and have them download their own. This helps us tremendously and helps ensure that we can keep providing inexpensive and free activities for you and others. Thank you!

ALSO: We will add to this list as we publish more Christmas activities, so be sure to come back to see what’s been added! 

Countdowns, Calendars, & Elf on the Shelf

Christmas Countdown Printable 

Christmas Kindness Calendar

Printable Advent Activities Calendar

Homeschooling with Elf on the Shelf


Christmas Tree I Spy 

Unit Studies

Winter Holidays Around the World

Foreign Language

How to Say Merry Christmas in 14 Languages

English Grammar

Christmas Nouns Word Wall

Christmas Verbs Word Wall

Christmas Adjectives Word Wall

Christmas Past, Present, and Future Tense Verbs for Christmas

Christmas Part of Speech Word Search

Creative Writing and Handwriting

Christmas Journal: 25 Days of Creative Writing for the Christmas Season

Christmas Carol Cursive Copywork

The 12 Days of Christmas Printable Mini Book (also includes practice with ordinal numbers)

Christmas at My House: Writing for Elementary Students

Nativity Word Wall and Picture Memory Verses

The Christmas Story Copywork

Books & Picture Books

30 Days of Christmas Picture Books

10 Holiday Reads for Kids of All Ages

Christmas Read-Alouds: 10 Surprising Christmas Tales You Need to Read This Year

The Snow Queen – A Cozy and Cautionary Winter Fairy Tale

Math, STEM, & Money

Christmas Math – Rounding Decimals

Christmas Money Math – Counting and Adding Coins

Christmas Math – Three Digit Add and Subtract

Christmas Math – Adding Three Numbers

Christmas Tree Addition Puzzles

Counting Candies on Cookies Math Cards 

Cranberry Raft Engineering Challenge

Christmas Science Experiment: Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Christmas Ornaments, Crafts, Cards to Make

DIY Book Page Christmas Tree Ornaments

Paper Cone Christmas Tree Craft

Decorative Vintage Christmas Tree Craft

String Art Christmas Tree

Beautiful Quilled Christmas Cards

Kid Craft: Christmas Dinner Napkin Rings

How to Make the Cutest Elf Ornament

Christmas Baking

Christmas Lights Sugar Cookies

Hanukkah Ideas & Activities

DIY Hanukkah Cards

Hanukkah Unit Study Pack

Beautiful Quilled Menorah Craft for Hanukkah

Cute and Easy Hanukkah Craft

Holiday Homeschool Encouragement for Moms

Are You Ready to Deal with Math-Quizzing Relatives This Holiday Season?

A Christmas You Want Your Kids to Remember 

Surviving the Holidays on a Budget

Christmas on a Budget: The 4 Gift Rule

Working Homeschool Moms at Christmas Time

Simplifying Christmas: Focusing on Quality Not Quantity


Family Traditions and Our Christmas Travel Tree

Easy Ways to Honor the Elderly on Holidays

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Traditions for Families


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