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Christmas Nouns Word Wall

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We get so many questions from moms who ask if we “do school” through December. Whether you choose to take December off or keep going or whether your children attend public or private school or homeschool, sometimes we need fun educational activities for our children to do during the holidays. After all, there’s no reason why doing something educational can’t also be fun!

Today we’re so happy to have our Christmas Nouns Word Wall featured on the Life of a Homeschool Mom site! Be sure to drop by there to download it! And if you’d like to download our other printables in the same series, click each of the links below!

To find the Christmas Adjectives Read & Write printable, click here!

To get our Christmas Verbs Read & Write printable, click here!


Click here to get the Past, Present, and Future Tense Verbs printable!

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