Counting Candies on Cookies Math Cards

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Do your kids love eating cookies? Do YOU love eating cookies? Download these cute Counting Candies on Cookies Math Cards to make cookies part of your school work! Most of us do a bit of extra baking during the holidays, so this is a great way to have your math and eat it too! This is the perfect math activity to do with little learners in Pre-K or Kindergarten!

First, look for our yummy M&M Cookies recipe on our sister site–Love These Recipes! Then print out these math cards to use for your lesson.

Ok, if I’m being honest, you can just download our printable math cards and use M&Ms, Skittles, or even bits of playdoh to do this math lesson. Baking cookies is not a requirement. But baking cookies together adds an extra element of fun, different math skills (especially if you double or triple the recipe….I won’t judge!), and helps you make sweet, learning-associated memories with your kids. That’s why I suggest using M&Ms on the cards and then using those M&Ms to make the cookies!

If you print the cards and use them exactly as they are, you can teach your little ones one-to-one ratio and/or counting skills. There are other ways you can use the cards, though, to extend your lesson!

  • Cut out one cookie and have your child add a small handful of M&Ms to it. Count the M&Ms. Then work on subtraction skills by taking away a few M&Ms and counting to see how many you have left. (Write out your math problem and show your child how the written math problem is the same as the word problem the two of you just discussed.)
  • Work on sorting skills by then having your child sort the M&Ms by color.
  • Ask your child to take 10 M&Ms (or whatever number you want to work with) and figure out different ways to add them to the cookie. In other words, show your child that 10 M&Ms can be added to the cookie by adding 1 M&M plus 9 M&Ms or by adding 2 and 8, etc.
  • Use two cookies to talk about “more than” and “less than” by comparing the numbers of M&Ms on the two cookies.


Click here to get your Counting Candies on Cookies Math Cards

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