Christmas Countdown Printable

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I remember counting down the days until Christmas when I was a little girl. It somehow made the waiting a little easier–I suppose because I could see each day that we really were getting a little closer to the big day.

Back then, we used an old-fashioned calendar to count down the days. Today, I’d like to share a beautiful, printable Christmas Countdown that you can download and use to help your children count the days until Christmas.

It’s fun and easy to use, so grab your printable and get ready to count down the days until Christmas!

Christmas snow globe countdown


snow globe Christmas countdown printable design 2

Two Christmas Countdown Printable Designs

I’ve included two different designs just to make it more fun. 🙂 One of the designs includes a silver/gray background that looks a little more like snow. It also features the countdown numbers in green. If green is your favorite color or better matches your Christmas decor, then you might want to grab this one! I live in the South, and we don’t get much snow, so I love the silver background because my kids dream about having snow on Christmas (Which has never happened for us!). Instead, we just have to dream about it.

The other design has a blue background that looks more like water.  Those who live where you get plenty (too much!?) snow may prefer to use the one with the blue/water background so you can enjoy the thought of a Christmas without snow! This design features red countdown numbers, so you might like this one better if you love red or have lots of red Christmas decorations in your home. Either option, though, will be perfect for helping you enjoy counting down the days until Christmas is here!

If you plan to reuse your countdown year after year, you may want to laminate it for future use. Or if you have little ones who will want to help change the number each day, laminating them will help make them more durable. Or, you could simply save it on your computer and print out a new one each year.

You could also print them out on cardstock instead of regular printer paper to help the numbers hang properly (not droop around the edges) and look nicer on your wall. That’s what I did with mine.

More Ways to Use Your Snow Globe Countdown

Here are some other ways you might want to use this printable:

  • To reinforce teaching your child about the days of the month/months of the year.
  • Alongside practicing early math skills (number writing, counting down, etc.).
  • You may want to string up each daily printable to create a festive, “count down,” banner for your home.
  • You could also have your children color/decorate each daily printable to reflect that day’s festive activities!
  • If you do “Elf on the Shelf,” you could also use these printables as part of your Christmas elf’s daily antics.


Click HERE to get your Christmas Countdown printable!

However you choose to use it, I truly do hope you enjoy this Christmas countdown printable and that you and your family have a blessed Christmas.


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