Christmas Adjectives Word Wall

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This Christmas Adjectives Word Wall printable is perfect for adding some Christmas fun to your homeschool! This 18-page printable contains word wall strips with Christmas-related adjectives and an image to go along with each word. You’ll also find read-and-write cards with a smaller image, the printed word, and space for your child to practice writing the word. This set will give you and your children a fun way to sneak in some educational activities during the Christmas season–even if you’re not “doing school” over the holidays!

There are lots of ways you can use this printable! I’ll suggest a few, and you can use your imagination to come up with even more ways to use them.

  • If your children need to work on handwriting, use the handwriting pages for extra practice! You may want to print extra copies (for your own family. If you have friends or relatives who want copies, please direct them to this article so they can download their own). Or you may want to laminate these pages so your children can use dry erase markers to practice over and over.
  • If you have older children who need to work on cursive handwriting, you have choices! You may want to write the words in cursive as examples, or you may want to give your children a chance to see if they can look at the printed words and write them in cursive themselves.
  • If you’re looking for a fun way to work on spelling, use the words and pictures as a matching game! To create your game, just cut the words apart (so that each word is on its own sheet) and cut the pictures apart (so that each one is separate). Then have your child match the words to the pictures (or the other way around).
  • Another fun way to get some handwriting and spelling practice is by using the words to write a story. Have your children think of a story using as many of the adjectives as possible.
  • Talk about adjectives and use the ones in this set to come up with some silly sentences. There’s no better way to encourage your children to learn parts of speech than by making it funny!

If you have younger children who can use these pages later, be sure to laminate them and keep them! Or, since you can download the pages as many times as you like, you can always print them out again in the future.

Click here to get your Christmas Adjectives printable pages!

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