Christmas Verbs Word Wall

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This Christmas Verbs Word Wall is another fun way to incorporate some fun into your homeschool this Christmas season! Not “doing school” during the holidays? No problem! Instead of using these printable pages to do more structured work, use your imagination and use them for games and fun activities. This will keep learning happening (and boredom from setting in) without your children feeling like they’re doing more formal school work.

What’s included? You’ll find word wall strips with, of course, Christmas-related verbs as well as images to go along with each verb. Also included are read-and-write cards for each word.

What can you do with them? Whatever you like! There are lots of ways you can use these pages. Use my suggestions or come up with some fun ideas of your own.

  • Just as I suggested with the Christmas Adjectives Word Wall printable pages, this printable is perfect for handwriting practice. You can print out extra pages (for your own family’s use) or laminate them so they can be used over and over with dry erase markers.
  • Talk about verbs and how they are necessary for a complete sentence. Try writing sentences without verbs and talk about how it’s impossible since, to have a complete sentence, some kind of action must occur. (That might lead to another discussion about how some verbs show physical actions and others show actions that occur in the mind and cannot be outwardly seen.)
  • Write silly sentences using the Christmas-related verbs in this pack. Just for fun, try switching the verbs around in your sentences and see what kinds of funny sentences you come up with!
  • Write one long sentence including as many of these verbs as you can.
  • Write a story using every one of these verbs.
  • Use the read-and-write pages for handwriting practice. If you have older children who are learning cursive, have them try to write the words in cursive using only the printed words at the top of the pages as guidelines. If they need extra help, write the words in cursive for them to use as guides as they write their own words in cursive.
  • Use the word wall strips (cut out so that each word is on its own separate page) and the images (cut out so that each image is on its own separate page) to create your own matching game! This can be used as a memory game or as a fun way to learn to read or spell the words.

If you or your children have other ideas for fun ways to use these pages, we would love to hear your ideas!

Click here to get your 21-page Christmas Verbs Word Wall printable!

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