Paper Bag Turkey Craft

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This paper bag turkey craft is simple, only requiring five easy steps! If you have older children doing this craft, you can make it more of a challenge by having them make their own paper bag with brown craft paper.

paper bag turkey

List of Supplies for Paper Bag Turkey:

paper bag turkey - supplies needed
  1. Brown paper bag (or brown paper, if you choose to make your own paper bag)
  2. Colored craft papers
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Craft glue
  6. Template for Paper Bag Turkey

Instructions for Making Paper Bag Turkey:

Step 1:

After you gather your supplies, take your paper bag and fold down the top (open) end of the bag. Then cut it into a curved shape.

paper bag turkey - step one

Step 2:

Prepare the beak (a small triangle), eyes, and wattle from colored craft papers.

paper bag turkey - step two with cut out eyes, beak, and wattle

Step 3:

Attach the eyes, beak, and wattle on the folded and curved part of the paper bag.

paper bag turkey - step three with eyes, beak and wattle glued to paper bag

Step 4:

Now prepare the tail feathers cutouts for the paper bag turkey.

paper bag turkey - step four - colored feather cut outs

Step 5:

Attach the tail feathers on the back side of the turkey bag to complete the craft.

paper bag turkey - feathered cut outs glued to back of paper bag

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