Cardstock Dinosaur Craft

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This cardstock dinosaur craft is perfect for National Dinosaur Day on June 1st!

cardstock dinosaur craft

Interesting Information about Dinosaurs

If your kids are fascinated by dinos, here are some fun facts about these creatures to go along with your dinosaur craft time!

Diverse Sizes: Dinosaurs ranged dramatically in size. The smallest dinosaur known is the Compsognathus, which was about the size of a chicken, while the largest, Argentinosaurus, could reach lengths of up to 100 feet and weigh around 100 tons.

Feathers and Colors: Some dinosaurs, like the Velociraptor and the Microraptor, had feathers. Scientists believe that many dinosaurs were colorful, similar to birds today, based on the study of fossilized melanosomes (pigment-containing cells).

Complex Social Behaviors: Many dinosaurs exhibited complex social behaviors. For example, evidence suggests that some species, such as the Maiasaura, cared for their young in nesting colonies, similar to modern birds.

Dinosaur Footprints: Dinosaur footprints, known as trace fossils, provide a lot of information about their behavior. There are sites with thousands of footprints, such as the Paluxy River site in Texas, where you can see evidence of dinosaurs walking together in groups.

Cranial Crests and Horns: Dinosaurs like the Parasaurolophus had large cranial crests that might have been used for communication, while others like the Triceratops had impressive horns and frills likely used for defense and display.

Gizzard Stones: Some herbivorous dinosaurs, like the Seismosaurus, swallowed stones (gastroliths) to help grind up plant material in their stomachs, aiding in digestion.

Speed and Agility: Contrary to the image of slow, lumbering giants, many dinosaurs were fast and agile. The Ornithomimus, for example, could run at speeds estimated to be around 40-50 miles per hour.

Brain Size and Intelligence: Troodontids, a group of small, bird-like dinosaurs, had relatively large brains for their body size, suggesting they were quite intelligent, possibly exhibiting complex behaviors.

Dinosaur Eggs: Dinosaur eggs varied in size and shape, with the largest known eggs belonging to the sauropods. Some eggs were spherical, while others were elongated. Fossilized nests indicate some species laid dozens of eggs at a time.

Armored Defenses: Dinosaurs like the Ankylosaurus were heavily armored with bony plates and had club-like tails that could deliver powerful blows to predators. This suggests a high level of defensive adaptation among certain species.

List of Supplies for Cardstock Dinosaur Craft:

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