Red Panda Bookmark Craft

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If your kids tend to read several books at one time, a craft project like this red panda bookmark might come in handy. It’s a common sight in our household to have several books lying around. Science books. A couple of Nancy Drew mystery stories. A history book. One or two of the Narnian Chronicles. And of course, the kids often stop in the middle of a story, and they need a bookmark.

Projects like this cute papercraft red panda bookmark are the perfect craft for home-schooling kids and avid readers. They can also make a fun project to go along with a summer reading challenge

red panda bookmark

Fun Facts about Red Pandas

Before we begin, here are some interesting facts about red pandas to expand your arts and crafts time into a fun lesson:

  • Red Panda Name: Despite their name, red pandas are not closely related to the giant panda. They are more closely related to raccoons and weasels.
  • Fuzzy and Cute: Red pandas are covered in thick, reddish-brown fur that helps keep them warm in their chilly mountain homes.
  • Tail for Balance: They have long, bushy tails that they use for balance when climbing trees. Their tails also have rings that look like a raccoon’s tail!
  • Tree Dwellers: Red pandas are excellent climbers. They spend most of their time in trees, where they can nap and stay safe from predators.
  • Bamboo Eaters: Just like giant pandas, red pandas love eating bamboo. However, they also enjoy fruits, berries, acorns, and insects.
  • Small but Mighty: Red pandas are about the size of a house cat, but with a long, fluffy tail that can add up to 18 inches to their length.
  • Unique Thumbs: Red pandas have a special “false thumb” – an extended wrist bone that helps them grasp bamboo stalks and tree branches.
  • Solitary Creatures: Red pandas are mostly solitary animals, except during mating season or when a mother is caring for her cubs.
  • Secretive Sleepers: Red pandas often sleep curled up with their tail wrapped around their body to keep warm. They also sleep with their face tucked under their tail.
  • Clever Communicators: Red pandas communicate using body language, such as head bobbing and tail arching, and through vocal sounds like squeals, twitters, and huff-quacks.
  • Masked Faces: They have distinctive white and reddish “face masks” that make them look like little bandits. Each red panda has unique facial markings!
  • Endangered Species: Sadly, red pandas are endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. There are efforts worldwide to protect these adorable creatures and their homes.

Okay, let’s get started on the red panda bookmark craft!

Supplies for Red Panda Bookmark

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More Fun Crafts

if you thought this red panda bookmark craft was fun, here are a few more creative crafts you can make with your homeschool class:

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