Halloween Traditions Around the World Printable Booklet

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I love learning about how different cultures around the world observe holidays! One holiday you may not realize that people in many other countries celebrate is Halloween! This fun, printable booklet gives an overview of Halloween traditions around the world.

It’s fascinating to see how variations of the holiday we know as Halloween are celebrated in different countries and by different cultures.  In some places, it’s a spooky celebration of trickery and treats. In others, it’s a solemn occasion to remember ancestors, or even to celebrate elders! We hope that this printable booklet about Halloween traditions around the world gives you and your kids some interesting things to discuss and learn about different cultures as you prepare for Halloween!

What’s Included:

This printable booklet includes 4 full pages (12 mini pages) which describe different beliefs and traditions that various countries have surrounding Halloween. The pages contain information that is simple enough for elementary-aged kids to understand, but which is also interesting to older kids, teens, and even adults!  The 12 countries (one per mini-page) whose Halloween traditions are included in this printable booklet are: Ireland/Scotland, Mexico, Romania, Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Poland, Nigeria, Cambodia, and Italy.

How to Use It:

To use this printable, start by simply printing and cutting out the mini-pages. Then staple them together to make a book that you can read together with your child as you discuss the different ways that these countries celebrate Halloween. If you’d like to re-use this booklet in future years, we suggest laminating the pages and putting all of the mini-pages on a ring to make it sturdier. As you read about the beliefs and traditions each of these countries holds about Halloween, here are some things you may want to discuss or consider with your child:

  • Think/Discuss: How are each of these Halloween traditions different and/or the same from the way we celebrate it in the USA? You could simply discuss these differences and similarities, or you could use a Venn diagram to organize your discussion on paper.
  • Question/Research: In many countries, the holiday that is being celebrated on or around October 31 is not called “Halloween,”  but it occurs around the same time of year and (like Halloween) has to do with remembering those who have passed on. What are some different names for this holiday, and how did they originate? If you have older children/teens you could use this as a prompt for a research assignment or essay.
  • Get Inspired: Have your child pick a tradition or two from this printable booklet to recreate in some creative way as part of your homeschool Halloween experience this week! For example, you could try to cook the Cambodian sticky rice or make a colorful, Dia de los Muertos themed work of art. You could even use the traditions of one of the countries as the basis of a creative writing prompt!
  • Find New Things to Learn: Did your child discover a culture in this booklet that he or she would be interested to learn more about? If so, don’t stop here; use it as a jumping off point for future learning!


Download Your Halloween Traditions Around the World Printable Booklet Here! 


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