All About Me {Back to School Printable}

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It’s back to school time! There are a lot of new homeschooling families this year! Whether you’re a veteran homeschooler or new to this, we want to help you make it as special as possible.  The first day of school can be a great way to start things off on the right foot. If you are looking for some special things to do on the first day of the new school year, then this About Me printable could be a fun, quick activity to include!


Now you may be thinking, “Wait a second: I already know my students!” (because homeschooling tends to make that the case.) However, this worksheet is helpful for kids because it gives them a simple way to express themselves and their goals as they head into a new year. It’s also a little bit of writing practice and a fun, low-pressure, “school-focused” task to get things started.  We think this activity is ideal for elementary-aged students!

Whether you are homeschooling one child or several, this worksheet can serve to facilitate a discussion of what your family wants your, unique homeschooling experience to look like this year. And if you’re looking for some other ways to make that first day back to school fun and memorable, be sure to check out this article on our sister site: 5 Ways to Make the First Day of Homeschool Special.

You can grab this printable in our shop- check out all of our printables to make your school year the best one yet!

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