Tissue Paper Roll Koala Craft

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Check out this fun tissue paper roll koala craft! If your kids like koalas, they’ll love this activity that can also be a cute homemade gift for grandparents or another family member.

Your kids will also love hanging it up somewhere in your homeschool classroom.

koala craft

Fun Facts about Koalas

Before we begin, here are some interesting facts about koalas, which you can use to expand your tissue paper roll koala into a fun time of learning:

  • Cute and Cuddly: Koalas are famous for their adorable appearance and cuddly demeanor. With their fluffy ears and round noses, they look like living teddy bears!
  • Tree Huggers: Koalas are expert climbers and spend most of their time in eucalyptus trees. They have strong arms and sharp claws to help them grip onto branches.
  • Eucalyptus Eaters: These fuzzy marsupials love to munch on eucalyptus leaves, which make up almost their entire diet. They’re so good at it that they can eat up to two and a half pounds of leaves every day!
  • Sleepy Heads: Koalas are known for being lazy sleepers, snoozing away for up to 18-22 hours a day! It’s like they have their own built-in hammock in the trees
  • Unique Babies: Baby koalas, called joeys, are born tiny, blind, and without fur. They immediately crawl into their mother’s pouch where they stay for about six months before venturing out.
  • Noisy Neighbors: Despite their quiet and peaceful appearance, koalas can make some loud noises! They communicate through grunts, barks, and even snoring sounds.
  • Marsupial Marvels: Koalas are marsupials, which means they carry their babies in a pouch. They’re cousins to kangaroos and wombats!
  • Fuzzy Coat: Koalas have thick, woolly fur that helps protect them from both cold weather and sharp branches in the trees. It also gives them that adorable, fluffy look.
  • Not Bears!: Even though they’re often called koala bears, they’re not bears at all! They’re actually related to kangaroos and wombats, belonging to a group of animals called marsupials.
  • Conservation Concerns: Sadly, koalas are facing some challenges in the wild, including habitat loss and disease. That’s why it’s important to learn about them and help protect their homes.

I hope this tissue paper roll koala craft, along with the facts above, will spark your kids’ curiosity about nature, animals, and God’s good world!

Supplies for Tissue Paper Roll Koala

  • Empty tissue paper roll
  • Colored craft papers
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Sharpies
  • A pair of scissors
  • Koala Template
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