A Collection of Apple Learning Activities

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There are so many fun apple learning activities, and they’re perfect for this time of year! We recently shared an apple-related printable. It’s a colorful 18-page printable that you can use to teach your children about the parts of an apple, the apple tree life cycle, and more!

We also have a mini book about apples! It’s not as colorful, but it’s still a great way to teach your kids about apples. And if they enjoy coloring and creating their own mini books, they’ll love it!

If you have children who are working on multiplication facts, this Apple Math: Multiply by 6 may be just what you need! It includes four pages of different ways to practice the sixes.

How about a fun fall STEM activity with apples? On The Educators’ Spin On It, you’ll find a fun STEM activity that’s inspired by the Dr. Seuss book Ten Apples Up on Top!

How about an erupting apple science experiment?! This is a fun and non-traditional volcano activity from Little Bins for Little Hands. It will make an awesome lesson for teaching the concepts of chemical reactions.

If you’d like another easy apple-related math activity, you’ll find it at A Little Pinch of Perfect! They have a math learning activity that is inspired by the book Up, Up, Up! It’s Apple Picking Time by Jody Fickes Shapiro.

If you have little ones, you’ll want to go to Preschool Powol Packets to learn how to conduct some Edible Bubble Science with Apples! This activity is lots of fun for kids and gives them a safe chance to experience and experiment with bubbles while learning a little about the science of bubbles.

Do your children refuse to eat apples if they’ve turned brown? Mine definitely don’t like to eat brown apples! But why do apples turn brown? Take a look at Left Brain Craft Brain’s Why Do Apples Turn Brown lesson to find out!

How about a scientific excuse for making candied apples? Now that is science I can support! Take a look at this article from Thinly Spread that not only shares a yummy Toffee Apple recipe, but also explains the science behind it!

Have you ever made oobleck? On Little Bins for Little Hands, you’ll find a recipe for 2 Ingredient Science Apple Oobleck! You’ll learn how to make it, what it is, and how to use it for sensory play.

And for some apple-related art, how about this Paint Swatch Pointillism activity from Lalymom? This activity encourages kids to view works of art along with their parents and then to extend their art exploration in age-appropriate ways. (But your kids will just think they’re having fun!)

An Apple-Related Craft and Recipe from Our Sister Sites:

Today we’re also sharing some apple-related crafts and activities on our sister sites! You’ll love this quick and easy Fun Apple Tree Paper Bag Craft from Hip Homeschool Moms! It only uses a few supplies, and it makes a pretty decoration you use for fall–or really any time of year!

Or how about making some Decadent Caramel Apple Cake for Autumn? YUM! This recipe makes a cake that is full of tart apple, rich caramel, and buttery spices!

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