Thanksgiving Math Game Printable

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Teaching multi-level children can sometimes be a challenge for us homeschooling mamas. One child sees or hears another one doing something that piques his interest. Then he wants to join in, but it might not be something developmentally appropriate for him. Well, we solved that problem with this Thanksgiving math game printable that kids of all ages can play, created specifically with multi-age children in mind!

Thanksgiving math game printable

Find Turkey’s FeathersMath Game Printable

Oh, no! Turkey lost his feathers! Can your students help him find them?

Kids love to solve problems. They love to be part of the solution, and this fun game allows them to do just that.

Here are tips on playing this math game printable with various age groups.

Kindergarten-Second Grade Level

In this fun Thanksgiving-themed math game printable, students roll a die and move around the game board collecting feathers as they go. The winner is the player who has the most feathers at the end. After the game, students create a graph and answer questions about the feathers they collected in the game.

Adapted for PreK (without the Game Board)

For younger students, you can hide the feathers around the room or house for them to find. After all the feathers are found, have your kids sort them by color and count how many feathers there are of each color.

Have the students answer questions like “What color feather do you have the most?” or “What color feather are the fewest?” You can have them do some number trace work of the numbers they count.

To have PreK students play the game with older students, have them help find the colored feather in the pile that the older student needs. For example, if the older student rolls and is to collect two red feathers, allow the younger student to count and select them from the pile.

Adapted for Third to Fifth Grade

Students follow the same game rules as stated in the K-2 directions. After the game, however, these older students will need to complete the follow-up questions by writing their answers in fractions or percents.

Fractions and Percents - math game printable

If your upper elementary students aren’t familiar with fractions or percentages yet, try to think of ways to tie this math game printable into what they’re currently studying. Here are a few suggestions:

• Multiples – After the game, write the first ten multiples of the amount of each color feather. For example, if they had six red feathers, they would write the first ten multiples of six.
 Multiplication – Write multiplication problems using the amounts from the game. If they had four red feathers and five yellow feathers, multiply those numbers together to find the product.
 Ratios – Compare the amounts of different colored feathers using ratios. For example, have them find the ratio of red to yellow feathers or green to brown feathers.

after the game - math game printable

Ideas for Combining the Math Game Printable with Language Arts:

Older students might also like to use this game as a springboard for writing. Have them write a story about how Turkey’s feathers went missing and how he found them.

Other ideas might be to create a “missing” poster for turkey’s feathers or a comic strip telling his story. Let them use their imaginations and run with it!

Are your kids asking for some fun math games, too? You can download this Thanksgiving math game for FREE by clicking the image below. Detailed directions, game board, graphs, and other printables are all included!

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