10 Must-have STEM Toys for Christmas!

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the science-loving kids in your life? STEM toys are the perfect addition to your Christmas list. Not only will your kids love the toys, they’ll be learning as they play.

Check out this list of my top ten favorite STEM toys to give your kids this Christmas:

#1: Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits: The perfect way to introduce electronic circuits to your aspiring young engineers! With 30 parts and instructions for over 100 projects, kids 7 and up can experiment and learn the basics of how electronic systems work.

#2: Zoob Bot

Zoobbot: A great introduction to robotics for ages 6 and up. The Zoob Bot can be anything you want it to be, with many articulating pieces, light up flashing eyes, and pull motor wheels. A great way to start out for those kids with an interest in this diverse subject. A future inventor’s dream toy!

#3: Building Sticks

Peradix DIY Soft Building SticksPerfect for young children, these flexible interlocking sticks can be the perfect addition for learning shapes, developing motor skills, and are lots of fun for busy little hands.

#4: Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze: An exciting three-dimensional logic game that is great for ages 8 and up. Helps build critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills by learning to predict how the marble will behave when entered into the maze.

#5: LEGO Chain Reactions

Klutz Books–Lego Chain Reactions: Teach your bricks new tricks! Teaches kids 8 and up to build over 10 chain-reaction machines using LEGO pieces and a few additional elements. A great first step to teaching a few principles of physics. Set of small bricks included!

#6: Rock On

Rock On!: The perfect game for kids with a knack for geology. With five levels of play for up to six players, this game offers a little insight into some of Earth’s geological treasures in a way that is fun for the whole family.

#7: Simple Structures


Engino Structures-Buildings and Bridges: This is an amazing superset of five other learning sets that teaches all about important mechanisms that act as force multipliers, such as levers, inclined planes, pulley and worm drives, and cams. The included manual includes theory, quizzes, activities, illustrations, and step by step guides. The perfect addition to any school year.

#8: An Abacus


Melissa and Doug Abacus: Now don’t laugh at this one! An abacus is a perfect introduction to STEM for your littles! They will love the hands-on appeal and you will love the simplicity of this teaching tool!

#9: Magformers

Magformers: We got a set of these for Christmas years ago, and the kids still love playing with them. Designed with strong magnets for guaranteed connections, this set is a great learning toy set for kids 3 and up. Develop creativity and imagination with this 30 piece set.

#10: Code-a-piller

Last, but not least, Fisher Price’s Code-a-pillar: This ingenious toy is a fun way to conceptualize coding for young children. Code-a-pillar uses a motorized head and 8 body segments with different functions, by changing the order of the body segments the Code-a-pillar changes behavior. Build your child’s critical thinking problem-solving skills with this fun STEM-inspired toy.

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