Colorful Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

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Happy November! We’re heading into the holiday season. It’s a time for creating great memories with family and loved ones centered around good food and fun activities! This Thanksgiving Turkey Craft is an easy project to do with your kids.

Turkey Craft - colorful paper turkey craft

If you’re hosting a get-together with family or friends, especially if there are children involved, you can prepare several sets of the craft in advance for kids to work on. That way, they’ll have something to remember your special time together!

List of Supplies for Turkey Craft:

supplies needed for turkey craft
  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Craft glue
  3. Sharpie
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Turkey Craft Template

Instructions for Turkey Craft:

Step 1:

Select several different colors of craft paper. Fall-inspired shades work nicely for this craft. Trace the template patterns on the selected colored craft papers and cut them out carefully using a pair of scissors.

cut out pieces of turkey craft

Step 2:

Take the head, the beak, and the wattle cutout. Stick the wattle near the base of the head with glue, and then glue the beak on one side of the wattle.

turkey craft - head with wattle and beak

Step 3:

Next, you’re going to want to attach the head to the top side of the body cutout. Then use a permanent marker to draw the eyes of the paper turkey. The image below shows the turkey craft with eyes closed, but you can make yours with eyes open, or even winking! 😉

turkey craft - body and head

Step 4:

Cut out a half-circle shape for the feather base. You are going to then stick the feather cutouts around the curved side of the half-circle paper.

feathers of turkey craft

Step 5:

Now, take the feather cutouts and stick them around the curved side of the circle.

feathers of turkey craft

Step 6:

Try to fill the entire curved side of the half circle using the colorful feather cutouts. Space out the colors to make a design of some kind, as you can see in the image below.

colorful pattern of feathers

Step 7:

Now simply attach the body part of the turkey craft in the middle of the feather base, making sure that the feathers are visible from the top side of the turkey craft.

completed turkey craft

Turkey Craft Template

Related Turkey Crafts and Thanksgiving-Themed Activities

Here’s a Free Printable Thanksgiving Math Game that was created by a homeschooling mom specifically with multi-age children in mind.

math game printable

If you’re looking for a cute and simple craft to do with the kids, this Paper Bag Turkey Craft only needs some basic supplies you probably already have at home. The instructions for this cute Turkey Paper Bag Craft include two ways to make it—an advanced option (with instructions on paper folding) and an easy one (with pre-made paper bags).

For kids (and grown-ups) who enjoy playing with Legos, check out this Lego turkey craft.

Lego Turkey

This is another Thanksgiving Turkey Craft you can make with paper and a free template.

Have you ever tried making turkey sugar cookies?  It’s fun to have your kids help out in the kitchen, and a fun baking project like this is a great way to include them. 

Turkey Sugar Cookies

Are you here looking for a fool-proof and yummy dessert for Thanksgiving? These turkey-inspired cupcakes are adorable and simple to put together! 

One last edible turkey-themed project is these Kid-Friendly Rolo Turkey Treats.  Kids of all ages will love making (and eating) this cute and easy dessert.

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