Fun Thanksgiving Activity Pages

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It’s Thanksgiving month, and this often means that things start getting busy as we head toward the holiday season. To help you give your kids something fun and educational to do, we have some fun turkey-themed Thanksgiving activity pages for your kids.

Fun Thanksgiving Activity Pages

But first, here are some interesting facts about turkeys that you can share with your kids.

Fun Facts about Turkeys

  1. Gobble, Gobble: Turkeys are known for making a distinctive “gobble” sound. This noise is usually made by male turkeys, called toms, to attract females.
  2. Wattle and Snood: Turkeys have unique features on their heads. They have a fleshy, wrinkled flap of skin called a wattle that hangs from their necks and a fleshy protuberance called a snood that dangles over their beaks.
  3. Wild and Domestic: There are two main types of turkeys: wild turkeys and domestic turkeys. Wild turkeys are native to North America and are smaller and more colorful than domestic turkeys. Domestic turkeys are the ones we often see on our dinner tables.
  4. Super Speedy: Wild turkeys are surprisingly fast runners and can run up to 20-25 miles per hour when they need to escape from predators.
  5. Colorful Feathers: Male turkeys are known for their colorful feathers, which they use to attract mates. These feathers can be red, green, and copper, and they can puff them up to look even more impressive.
  6. Flying Birds: Turkeys are large birds, and they’re not the best fliers. However, they can fly short distances when they need to escape danger or reach their roosting sites.
  7. Turkey Flocks: Wild turkeys often gather in flocks, especially during the winter months. These flocks can include both males and females.
  8. Excellent Vision: Turkeys have excellent vision and can see in full color. This helps them detect predators from afar.
  9. Thanksgiving Tradition: Turkeys are a traditional part of Thanksgiving feasts in the United States. Many families roast or deep-fry a turkey for their Thanksgiving meal.
  10. Turkey Trot: Some people participate in “turkey trots,” which are fun runs or races held on or around Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories!

Here are the Thanksgiving Activity Pages

These Thanksgiving activity pages include the turkey life cycle, parts of a turkey, building a turkey, a turkey maze, and a fun coloring page.

This is a free printable, so make sure you download it if you need something fun and educational to keep your kids busy and learning during this time of year.

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