How do I Homeschool with a Toddler Underfoot? Quiet Time Training

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I don’t remember who first told me about quiet time training with babies and toddlers… one of my super smart friends (I actually think MANY of my friends do this in one form or another).

The idea is this: Even little children can spend time alone, having quiet time.

It doesn’t need to be complicated.

Quiet time with toddlers
In our home, quiet time is simple. We don’t have a solid routine, or a time for quiet time. Little Miss does take an afternoon nap most days, but that nap doesn’t count as her quiet time. For about half an hour each day (typically before lunch), she is expected to play happily and quietly in her room.

She is two, which means I need to be very careful about making sure her space is inviting and safe for independent play. Inside her room, she has special toys that are only played with during quiet time. They are the only toys in her room, and they do not come out. Her brothers don’t get to go in her room at all, so they are only hers.

She’s done the quiet time routine for pretty much forever, so she really doesn’t ever resist, as long as she is well fed, well rested, and her “cup” is full. Quiet time is for happy kiddos. It’s not a punishment, or a place to stick a kid who wants attention.

It is a wonderful tool, and it gives me a half hour chunk of time where I can focus on Math without a toddler interrupting.

Some moms do “blanket time” with older babies and toddlers- basically, you place the child on a blanket with a couple toys, and they are taught to stay there. You may need to put the child right back on the blanket if they crawl off a few times, but they learn quickly to stay and play. Little Miss is the same way with her room, sometimes she comes walking out, and I remind her it’s quiet time, and put her right back in her room.

It doesn’t always work perfectly, but the longer we do it, the better she is at playing quietly. I have friends who continue quiet time with older kids, and I really think establishing this routine young makes a huge difference in kids learning to relax and be happy with independent play later.

Do you use quiet time in your home?


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