Tot School- Learning to write those letters

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Teaching Mr. Man to write is going to make me crazy. I always thought preschool and kindergarten would be the easiest things to teach- but have you seen the sheer amount of information these poor little kids need to soak up? Teaching reading and writing is hard. Learning it is hard!

Today was the first day Mr. Man has really tried to write. He draws and scribbles, but hadn’t formed letters much. I mean, I have sat down with him, and had him trace letters, and helped him form them, and used ipad apps, and sang songs about letter formation. We’ve tried many things.

So far, no dice.

Today though- he wrote his name. Granted, he wrote every. last. letter. reversed. And, the whole word is backwards. And, they are all formed incorrectly. (That’s normal, right? I think it’s normal. Maybe. Insert worried mama moment here!)

But- he spelled it correctly, he did it without a fight, and was SO proud.

And, I am SO proud.

Tomorrow, we’re starting with Handwriting without Tears thanks to the review crew. Fingers crossed.

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