Fun and Easy Manatee Unit Study

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Manatee Unit Study

Manatees are such gentle giants! We (Hip Homeschool Moms / Homeschool Road Trips–the owners of Only Passionate Curiosity) are thrilled to be going on a trip later this month to swim with manatees in Crystal River, Florida. To help us prepare for our trip, we’re sharing an educational (and fun!) manatee unit study.

manatee unit study

We’ll be ready to swim with manatees and understand and appreciate much more about them if we take some time to study about them before we go. And if you’re not going on our trip but you’re still interested in manatees, this unit study is for you too!

NOTE: For those of you who don’t know about our other site, Homeschool Road Trips, you may want to click this link to sign up for our HRT newsletter so you can find out about our educational travel opportunities just for homeschool families! (We’re planning to take another trip to swim with manatees in 2023 for those who missed the one in 2022.)

This year’s swim with manatees Homeschool Road Trip will be February 27-March 2, 2022. It’s already full, so we can’t add more travelers. We’ve had so much interest in a future trip, though, that we’re going to plan another trip for 2023! Whether you are in the group who will join us in just a few weeks or whether you plan to join us on a future trip, we hope you love this manatee unit study!

One of the things we’ve learned in the 6 years we’ve been planning and hosting Homeschool Road Trips is that a little study and preparation can make a huge difference in what our kids learn and remember on the trip itself. After all, some of the most important reasons for these trips have to do with giving our children new experiences to learn more about the world.

We also love building relationships with other homeschooling families and within our own families and having a great time giving our kids examples of being life-long learners. After all, learning doesn’t stop when we graduate from high school or college!

Whether you’re joining us on our Homeschool Road Trip (or a future trip) or you just want to have some fun learning more about manatees, we think you’ll love our manatee unit study! It includes over 30 pages of information, vocabulary, anatomy, facts, videos, book lists, life cycle info, research prompts, a scavenger hunt, coloring pages, and more!

Click this link to go to our store and find your manatee unit study!



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