Easy Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

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Christmas Craft for Kids

This year for Christmas, we decided to hand-make the gifts for the grandparents. After spending hours scouring Pinterest for ideas (where else would you find craft ideas these days??) I decided a Christmas tree craft was the way to go, so we could show off the little bitty baby fingers and toes we added to our family this month.

For this project, all you need is canvases (ours are 12 x 16 which worked perfectly for 4 kids younger than 9), a different shade of green paint for each child and a paintbrush.

I took the kids one by one, and helped them paint their hands green with the paintbrush so the color would be even. Then, I had them hold their hands together, palm down, with their thumbs touching, and fingers spread out as wide as they go.


I helped them center their hands on the canvas, and then we went down the line (we had a bunch to do!) assembly line style, while I re-painted their hands for every other print. When the kids put their hands on the canvas, I helped push on each of their fingers to try and make sure we got an even print each time, and then helped them lift their hands straight up, so they wouldn’t smear the paint.

We went oldest to youngest, so the hand prints would get smaller and smaller to make a Christmas tree shape on the canvas.

I had wanted to do a hand print from Baby at the top, but he’s still in the stage where he makes a fist as a reflex, so we went with a footprint to top the tree instead.

I love how this project turned out! For some variations, you could do the smallest print in yellow or gold, just one hand centered to be a “star” on top of the tree, or add “ornaments” using more colors and thumb prints!

Easy Handprint Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

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