5 Senses Sorting Mats

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When I do, I understand.”

The old Chinese proverb shows the importance of the senses in the learning process. The five senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell are the primary means we use to gain new knowledge.

We know that young students are constantly using their five senses to understand and retain new information. They love to touch things, taste things, look at colorful things, and smell things. (Although it often seems they don’t use their sense of hearing very well! Haha!) Because we know that using all five senses is a great way for young children to learn, we are excited to share this fun printable, 5 Senses Sorting Mats, with you and your kiddos. We think you’ll find it will help them become more aware of how each of the five senses is unique. This activity is perfect for kids in preschool – second grade! 

How to Use it:

Have your kiddos cut out the full-color pictures and paste them to the correct title page! This 12-page printable pack includes a title page for each sense and a picture page for each sense.  

We all know that homeschooling moms are great at using resources in a variety of ways depending on what they need at the moment. These pages can be used in a variety of ways depending upon your current needs!

Matching Game

You can easily print out two sets of the pages so you can use them as a fun matching game! As your child matches a set of pictures, discuss which sense that set of pictures goes with and why.

Story Starters

As your child cuts out and glues the pictures to a particular page, use those pictures as story starters! For example, if your child cuts out and glues pictures of a telescope, an eye, and a bird on the “sight” page, let him or her dictate (or write if he/she is old enough) a story about a child who looked through a telescope for a bird. Encourage your child to get creative and to take the story in new directions. Maybe the main character is looking for a bird but realizes that the telescope is better for viewing objects that are farther away, so he/she discovers a new planet!

Get Creative

Discuss with your child additional pictures that would be appropriate for each page. What other pictures would work well on the page for the sense of touch? What about the sense of hearing? (etc.)


Have your child draw his or her own pictures to go each page. Or use magazines to cut out photos to add to the pages and make a collage for each page.

No matter how you decide to use these pages, we hope you and your children enjoy them! Grab your printable copy by clicking the link, below!


To Download Your 5 Senses Sorting Mats rom the OPC store, Click this Link!



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